5 Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home With Feng Shui

by Amanda Gates
Gates Interior Design

Have you ever walked into a space that felt off or heavy? Whether you choose to adopt the belief of feng shui or not, all homes have an energetic vibe. I myself have been in homes that felt like a warm hug and they kept me coming back for more. I’ve also been in homes that felt so thick with unease and anxiety I never returned again. All of us are surrounded by subtle energies, and just like your favorite song makes you want to sing and dance, a well decorated home that lifts that subtle energy often will make you want to sing and dance, and you may find yourself happier and more focused than you’ve ever been before.

A few months ago my parents decided to downsize their home and they purchased what dad calls “a steal!” Well, there’s a reason it’s been on the market for two years. The energy was so thick in the house it felt like the dungeon of doom. Turns out the house had not been loved on or lived in for quite some time. It has been engulfed in divorce, alcoholism and suicide and was in need of a MAJOR cleansing.


The purpose of a House Cleanse is to remove all stagnant and negative energy. This has been a Native American practice for centuries. Major life events that cause stress or anxiety will linger in a home and it will slow the energy down, making you feel unmotivated, lethargic and foggy headed. Any time you purchase a new home or experience a stressful event in your home it should be cleansed. In the case of my parents new home I recommend a daily cleanse and some high powered cures. Here are five that I use in my own practice:

1) Saging – In most instances smudging a house on a regular basis will remove negative energy. It is also important that you intently clear the energy out with prayer, see number 4.

2) Salt the home. It keeps negativity at bay and purifies the home.

3) Colorful Flowers and natural plants are always an excellent source for cleansing a home, purifying the air and uplifting your spirit.

4) Prayer is a great way to circulate energy in your home and remove stagnant energy that does not serve you. Speak to your home lovingly and walk it often with intention. Prayer combined with sage has been practiced by many cultures as a way to remove negative energy and allow positive, uplifting energy to enter your space.

5) Crystals – This one may be new to a lot of people, but crystals like amethyst, citrine, rose quartz and others are terrific tools to not only decorate your home with but also clear and uplift the energy in your home. Have you ever been to a yoga studio or spa with a large amethyst geode? They are quite common in healing spaces because amethyst clears and absorbs negative energy and helps calm our minds.

I do a lot of house clearings here in Williamson county. They make great housewarming gifts, wedding gifts and holiday gifts. If you’d like to have a clearing in your home,  call us today to set up a consultation.

Written by Amanda Gates

Interior Designer

Gates Interior Design


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