doll300x600-nologoAmerican Girl Doll store is set to open in Cool Springs Galleria on May 30th, 2015 at 9 am, the first American Girl Doll store  in the middle Tennessee area.  In anticipation of the new store opening, we found  these 5 facts about American Girl Doll that you may not know. Keep reading to learn more about the doll of the year, Grace, and how you could win one before the store opens.

1. American Girl is headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin—650 miles from its newest store location at CoolSprings Galleria in Franklin, Tennessee.

2. American Girl will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2016. The company has sold over 151 million American Girl books and more than 27 million dolls since 1986.

3. It typically takes 2 -3 years to research and develop a new American Girl BeForever character, which includes the character’s book series and product line.

4. American Girl’s proprietary retail stores have welcomed over 72 million visitors from the U.S. and around the world since its first flagship store opened in 1998. American Girl Nashville—opening May 30—is their 19th retail location.

5. The American Girl business was started at the proverbial kitchen table by former teacher Pleasant Rowland. Now, nearly 30 years later, American Girl has become one of the most beloved lifestyle brands for girls in the country.

On opening day of  the American Girl Doll store, tickets will be given out on the upper level near Great American Cookie store beginning at 7:00 am.

Events celebrating the grand opening include: performances, kids DJ, photos with your American Girl doll, community health systems will provide health checkups for your doll, crafts, activity sheets, balloon animals, and face painting.

In celebration of the new store opening, we are offering a giveaway of American Girl Doll of the year, Grace.

Grace, the 2015 Girl of the Year, is an avid baker with an entrepreneurial spirit. In her story, Grace is motivated to open her own French baking business after an inspiring trip to Paris. The Grace doll is 18” tall with sparkling blue eyes, freckles, and long dark-brown hair. Grace arrives in a white top with a sparkly Paris graphic, a pink skirt with a black bow on the front, and a charm bracelet. Includes gray ankle boots and pink underwear, plus the Grace paperback book, written by Mary Casanova.

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