Susan GregoryPurchasing a house is often the most expensive investment you’ll make in your lifetime. According to Susan Gregory, one of Williamson County’s leading Realtors, there are several things you can do to make sure you get a great price. Understanding these three simple concepts can help you save big.

Require as Few Contingencies as Possible

A contingency is anything that has to be satisfied or removed from the contract before a buyer can close a home. For example, a financial contingency may mean that a buyer needs approval for a mortgage loan, which means the seller will have to wait until the financial contingency is removed or expires per the terms of the contract. It can take up to 30 days for this process.

“A seller may decide to accept your offer more readily if the terms of the contract for purchase are simpler and cleaner. The seller may even accept lower offers if the terms are better. This is especially true in a multiple offer situation,” said Gregory, who works out of Parks Realty’s office in Cool Springs.

Other contingencies include home inspection, sale of an existing home, closing of an existing home, appraisal, financing, job or spouse approval, adding special stipulations requiring a due diligence period. These contingencies lengthen the time from when the contract is written until when the Seller feels 100% comfortable that their home is sold.

“Cash offers with no contingencies other than a home inspection usually will win out in a multiple offer situations,” said Gregory.

Fulfill any Contingencies as Quickly as Possible

If you feel you must have a contingency in the contract then make sure that the seller knows you will work to fulfill them as soon as possible. Offering to give the seller your pre-approval letter up-front lets the seller know that you are serious about purchasing the home. If you strongly want to get an inspection (sellers will usually not let you make inspections BEFORE the offer), try to complete the inspection as soon as possible.

“If the seller knows that there are limited or no contingencies or that they will not have to wait long for the contingencies to be satisfied, they are more likely to accept your offer,” said Gregory.

Show the Seller How Much You Love the Home

“If you know that there will be multiple offers on the home, consider sending a personal letter with your background, reason for moving, and why you love the home. Include a photo of your family and pets so the seller can see how much you love the home,” advised Gregory.

If the seller can visualize you and your family living in the home, they may be more likely to accept your offer over someone else’s, even if it doesn’t stack up financially.

“I’ve had a few tearjerkers over the years,” said Gregory. “This seems to really help the seller relate and in some cases take a contract that was not the best offer for them to take.”

Susan Gregory is a full time real estate agent with more than 20 years experience. She started her career working for builders such as Turnberry Homes, Zaring Homes (currently known as Drees Homes), Newmark Homes and The Jones Company. During her time with these companies she received several awards, including “Most Dollar Volume Sold” and “Most Units Sold” in new construction. After achieving those accomplishments she decided her next career step would be general brokerage sales. Gregory joined Bob Parks Realty in 2000 and currently works out of their Cool Springs office. She continues to work with custom builders in new construction as well as re-sales and buyers moving to the area. Gregory specializes in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area, including Brentwood and Franklin. Much of her business comes from referrals from past clients. To find out more about Susan, visit her website at or call 615-300-5111.