3 Things We Learned About John Cusack

Say Anything John Cusack

John Cusack will be at War Memorial on Saturday, November 2, at 7:30 p for a special event celebrating the 30th Anniversary of “Say Anything.” The event features a screening of the movie and a Q & A. This event was originally scheduled to take place at the end of July but was re-scheduled for November.

Cusack has been traveling the country visiting theatres for the anniversary special. During our interview with him, he didn’t want to reveal a lot about previous audiences or the most asked questions, he did share that super fans will attend the show dressed as their favorite characters. We learned a few interesting things about Cuasack that we wanted to share ahead of this anniversary event.

What was really playing on the boombox during THE iconic scene in Say Anything?

One of the most memorable scenes in “Say Anything” takes place when Lloyd Dobler (played by Cusack) holds the boombox over his head. Fans may be surprised to learn that Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” wasn’t playing during filming. It was added at a later point by director Cameron Crowe.

Is there a possibility of a remake of Say Anything?

While Cusack initially told us he wouldn’t be interested in being part of a remake; he said he would be open to the possibility if all the original cast agreed. However, there’s nothing in the works (but we can hope)!

Cusack is a Country Music Fan 

While Cusack admits to not spending a lot of time in Nashville, he said he likes country music. His favorite artist of the moment is Brandi Carlile. He’s also a Johnny Cash fan. Maybe fans will spot him at the new Johnny Cash’s Kitchen & Saloon in downtown Nashville.

Tickets are still available to the show on Saturday. Find them online here. 

About the Show 

With four decades’ worth of roles in more than 70 films, Cusack will share stories from his career, answer audience questions, and give a behind-the-scenes look into his breakout role as Lloyd Dobler in “Say Anything”, following a screening of the iconic 1989 film.

“Say Anything” made a star out of Cusack, who went on to success in multiple films including “High Fidelity,” “Grosse Point Blank,” and “Being John Malkovich,” among others. Now fans will have the unique and rare opportunity to experience a moderated conversation with him answering audience questions. A limited number of VIP seats will be available, which include a post-show photo opportunity.