August Food Battle—Best Pizza in Williamson County

It’s time for our pizza battle!  Williamson County is home to some amazing pizza places and we want to know who you think makes the best pizza.

Click here to see who the Williamson County pizza food battle winner is.



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  1. Is the survey accurate? I’ve voted twice and the survey added new places that weren’t originally listed and places out of county as well. Thanks!

  2. When we vote how come the numbers constantly change up? Is there a true results count? Our family is all voting but the numbers don’t match our votes.

  3. Brooklyn’ss not only has the best pizza in Williamson county it rivals east coast pizza. Great staff love the place.

    • Being an italian citizen and from the North East there is really only greasy NYC Style or fancy pizza that southerners like..(BBQ).
      The only real and excellent pizza in Nashville area is DeSano’s. (Nothing close to them.. they use Naples Bee Hive high temp wood ovens) I will try a slice at Brooklyn’s because they are from the North East BUT i did just check the prices and it outrageous how expensive for a piece or even a whole pizza.. 20-26 bucks for a pizza is INSANE.. I just got back from Italy where a whole pizza is $5 to 6.. AND is fresh and amazing.. BUT will try the “NY Style” pizza. My friend lives across in Founders and doesn’t go because of the prices but says its good.

  4. is everybody being legit here, does Marco’s really get that many votes in one day, I can see if it was 100 but when you get into the multiple hundreds in one day itit looks a little suspicious

    • I agree Brooklyn Brother & Matteos came out of no where and no one can get that many votes in such a short period of time.
      Gina’s & Marcos seem to be the only legit ones playing fair. Im calling BS on this one!

  5. I retract my statement I was wrong by saying Marco’s it was Mateo’s we are all watching this if everything is legit everything is cool.

  6. It’s not really fun when you obviously have cheaters here. There is NO WAY possible for Matteo’s & Brooklyn Brothers to have gotten that many votes within the time period they are getting the votes. I have been monitoring throughout the day and there’s no way possible. There have been times that we cannot get in to vote at all even though we hadn’t voted in 24 hours.

    • We will be checking all votes for legitimacy. Our poll system will also help us find any fraudulent votes and we will adjust the votes accordingly.

  7. On behalf of the Marco’s staff in Franklin, we are voting daily and asking out friends and customers to do the same. And it’s really not that important to the owner if we win or not. However, we will continue to do business and serve our customers as usual!

  8. I know we are big fans of Matteo’s thin crust Chicago style along with most of our friends. We all have promoted this contest. I don’t think many people knew about it. This is probably more of a contest about who’s fans can get the word out the best to vote. Which is not a bad thing either.

  9. To all doubters Brooklyn brothers has done nothing but vote fair the correct way. Advertising the competition via fb and Instagram. Aswell as flyers posting asking to vote. No discounts for voting just the support from our awesome fans and customers and we appreciate every vote we have gotten and thank you all. It tookany days for us to get the votes we did. And we hope everyone sees we are legit and just doing the best we can to put out a great product

    • I can vouch for Brooklyn Brothers ! The proof is in the eating .Absolutely legit and honest in every way ! Congratulations on all the support BB!!

  10. Everyone stop worrying about legit, cheating, ect. Let’s focus on the PIZZA!!!
    And Brooklyn Brothers by far surpasses everyone. Growing up a Jersey girl living in TN, BB is the closest to home I’ve ever had. And that’s all that matters to me. Good luck to everyone!

  11. Is any one tried Sal’s Family Pizza? If no, you guys have to try Sal’s Family Pizza. Its really close to NY style. Its really close to thin crust NY style pizza. They also have pizza by the slice.

  12. Matteo’s Pizza is DELICIOUS!! I know i’m part of a fan group that has been helping spread the word to get votes for them!! 🙂

  13. I can’t say I’ve tried them all, but I do really like Matteo’s – definitely like their pizza and prefer it –

  14. My family LOVES Matteo’s!!! The pizza is incredible, and the service is outstanding! I am among the very happy customer and I am glad to vote for them!! PS. Their Rocky Top Pizza is FAN-TAS-TIC!!!

  15. I am a veggie lovers girl and appreciate Matteo’s fresh yet spicy coverage on each piece!! I saw a post about the contest and wanted to be sure to vote! So many great pizza places in such a small area! Thank you for the opportunity of having a little fun!

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