10 Things You Might Not Know About Tennessee

 1. Creator of the world famous Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s died after angrily kicking a safe and hurting his toe, leading to the blood infection that would be his demise.

2. Bonnaroo in Manchester takes place on over 500 acres of farmland making it one of the largest festivals in the world.

3. A lot of places claim they invented Mountain Dew, but according to the company the neon syrupy goodness was first created in Knoxville in the ’30s as a new drink to mix with whiskey.

4. Theodore Roosevelt coined the phrase “good to the last drop” after tasting a cup of coffee at the Maxwell House Hotel.

5. The Millennium Manor in Alcoa was built in 1938 to last over 1,000 years. Only time will tell if William Nicholson is the expert builder he claimed to be.

6. Chattanooga was home to first patented miniature golf course, Tom Thumb Golf on lookout mountain. It was created in 1927 to attract traffic to the creator’s hotel.

7. Shelby County has more horses per capita than other county in America.

8. The geographical center of Tennessee is Murfreesboro.

9. Sugar lovers, thank Nashville, they gave you cotton candy. In 1897, William Morrison and John C. Wharton found a method of spinning heated sugar into what that originally called “fairy floss.”

10. The first American killed during the Vietnam War, James Davis, was from Livingston. After perishing while sacrificing himself to draw fire away from his men, a monument now stands in town honoring him.