Williamson County Property Transfers May 9

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See where houses sold for May 9-13, 2022, and for how much in the most recent Williamson County property transfers. For more information about purchasing or selling a home, click here to contact Susan Gregory with Parks Realty. View previous property transfers here

$720,000.00Bent Creek Ph 1 Sec 3-a4528 Sawmill PlNolensville37135
$995,000.00Crossroads South Sec3126 Seaboard Ln 101Franklin37067
$600,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 301312 Liberty PkFranklin37067
$483,050.00Wakefield Sec 32284 Dewey DrSpring Hill37174
$1,377,480.00Natures Landing4019 Natures Landing DrFranklin37064
$55,850.00Pickens Est2797 Buckner LnSpring Hill 37174
$715,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec C196 Clarendon CirFranklin37069
$615,000.00Gateway Village Sec 2 Rev 11341 Moher BlvdFranklin37069
$2,100,000.00Harlan9246 Nina CtBrentwood37027
$1,800,000.00Lookaway Farms Sec16409 High Top CtFranklin37067
$557,500.00Mooreland Est Sec 27023 Matthews CtBrentwood37027
$1,050,000.00Beech Grove Farms9569 Normandy WayBrentwood37027
$1,022,425.00Brenthaven Sec 48103 Patrice AveBrentwood37027
$1,600,000.00Twelve Oaks9531 Butler DrBrentwood37027
$300,000.00Orleans Est Condos103 Granville RdFranklin37064
$933,225.00Arrington Ridge Sec27253 Arrington Ridge CtArrington37014
$680,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 291705 Decatur CirFranklin37067
$2,099,950.00Moon, Thomas W4996 Green Herron LnFranklin37064
$1,370,000.00Taramore Ph 7a9517 Wexcroft DrBrentwood37027
$1,412,500.00River Landing Sec 2424 Coburn LnFranklin37069
$780,000.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec 1498 Molly Bright LnFranklin37064
$2,650,000.00Black Hawk6605 Goshawk CtArrington37014
$565,000.00Cochran Trace Sec 12807 Mckissack CtSpring Hill37174
$1,150,000.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec 20372 Finnhorse LnFranklin37064
$636,684.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec164057 Lioncrest LnThompsons Station37179
$623,824.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec144032 Lioncrest LnThompsons Station37179
$325,000.00Andover Sec 1600 Huffine Manor CirFranklin37067
$1,138,897.00Stephens Valley Sec6307 Stephens Valley BlvdNashville37221
$878,119.00Redwing Meadows Sec 41324 Ascot LnFranklin37064
$1,620,000.00Bridgemore Village Sec6d3639 Ronstadt RdThompsons Station37179
$2,050,000.00Belle Rive Ph 26350 Shadow Ridge CtBrentwood37027
$1,400,000.00Westhaven Sec501606 Eliot RdFranklin37067
$1,750,000.00Westhaven Sec501243 Championship BlvdFranklin37064
$2,150,000.00Sonoma Sec 11824 Sonoma TrBrentwood37027
$3,000,000.00Crossroads South Sec 3617 Bradley CtFranklin37069
$230,000.00Brentwood Pointe Sec 2826 Brentwood PointeBrentwood37027
$525,000.00Simmons Ridge Sec23024 Gracious DrFranklin37064
$255,000.00Village @ W Main Condos 1319 W Main St 110Franklin37064
$810,000.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec251037 Beamon DrFranklin37064
$1,050,000.001911 Sedberry RdThompsons Station37179
$475,000.00Haynes Crossing Sec 13405 Haynes CoveSpring Hill37174
$885,000.00Pinewood RdFranklin37064
$675,000.00Chestnut Springs Sec 19751 Northfork DrBrentwood37027
$1,187,830.00Allston East Condos329 S Royal Oaks BlvdFranklin 37064
$529,139.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a Sec2240 Southmen Pvt LnSpring Hill37174
$825,000.00Royal Oaks Sec 9 Ph 3173 London LnFranklin37067
$1,750,000.00Westhaven Sec 241317 Jewell AveFranklin37064
$1,025,000.00Brentwood So Ltd Sec 4-b1422 Plantation DrBrentwood37027
$3,929,000.00Harvey Springs Commercial Sec1Miles Johnson PkwySpring Hill37174
$1,200,000.00Highlands At Ladd Park Sec 5246 Truman Rd WFranklin37064
$432,000.00Picketts Ridge Ph 12691 New Port Royal RdThompsons Station37179
$1,547,500.00919 Edmondson Pike919 Edmondson PkBrentwood37027
$535,100.00Deervalley Downs Ph 1a,b & 27200 Deervalley DrFairview37062
$700,000.00Millgate136 Ormesby PlFranklin37064
$2,000,000.00Evans Estates915 Evans StFranklin37064
$450,000.00Mooreland Est Sec 11611 Reed DrBrentwood37027
$204,755.00Sandcastle RdFranklin37069
$800,000.00Lampley Earl D Prop7317 Sugar Camp Hollow RdFairview37062
$605,000.00601 West Meade BlvdFranklin37064
$2,900,000.00Grove Sec139117 Joiner Creek CtFranklin37064
$950,000.00Stream Valley Section 02138 Stream Valley BlvdFranklin37064
$547,725.00Audubon Cove7411 Hemen WayFairview37062
$1,340,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec U212 Halberton DrFranklin37069
$625,000.00Buckingham Park Sec 1419 Sir John CtFranklin37064
$1,700,000.00Lyng Ronald8564 Taliaferro RdEagleville37060
$750,000.00Buckner Crossing Sec 21030 Nealcrest CirSpring Hill37174
$1,794,099.00Moon Thomas William4321 Peyt-trinity RdFranklin37064
$386,000.00Highlands @ Campbell Sta3043 Auld Tatty DrSpring Hill37174
$850,000.00Stream Valley Sec173000 Fernshaw LnFranklin37064
$651,600.00Magli Cheryl Sec 24843 Main StSpring Hill37174
$665,000.00Golden Meadows Sec 2132 Golden Meadow LnFranklin37067
$965,000.00Falls Grove Sec 46680 Edgemore DrCollege Grove37046
$975,000.00Scott & Loyd5319 Murfreesboro RdCollege Grove37046
$800,000.002261 Skinner RdNolensville37135
$3,468,000.00Simmons Ridge Sec10Gracious DrFranklin37064
$900,000.00Founders Pointe Sec 2124 Wilshire DrFranklin37064
$450,000.006969 Arno-allisona RdCollege Grove37046
$1,579,450.00Allston East Condos329 S Royal Oaks BlvdFranklin37067
$1,438,500.00Rachel Springs Bus Village329 S Royal Oaks BlvdFranklin37064
$670,000.00Grove Sec118113 Heirloom BlvdCollege Grove37046
$1,400,000.004444 Gosey Hill RdFranklin37064
$725,000.00Burtonwood Ph 42709 Foxtrot LnSpring Hill37174
$383,000.00Shadow Green Condos Sec1700 Vintage Green Ln 102Franklin37064
$1,550,000.00Westhaven Sec 181642 Grassmere RdFranklin37064
$942,155.00Daventry Sec13219 Chase Point DrFranklin37067
$200,000.002871 Fairview BlvdFairview37062
$450,000.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a Sec2223 Southmen LnSpring Hill37174
$530,000.00Serenity Fields Sec 27257 Northwest HwyFairview37062
$515,000.00Witt Hill Ph 11650 Witt Hill DrSpring Hill37174
$2,200,000.00Kole Property4675 Everal LnFranklin37064
$220,000.002871 Fairview BlvdFairview37062
$217,000.003845 Sycamore RdThompsons Station37179
$938,000.00Whistle Stop Farms Sec12219 Brakeman LnThompsons Station37179
$400,500.00Hardison Hills Sec 11101 Downs Blvd K101Franklin37064
$763,963.00Lockwood Glen Sec15307 Sherman CtFranklin37064
$2,990,250.00Troubadour Sec78028 Backwoods Pvt DrCollege Grove37046
$290,000.007423 Liberty RdFairview37062
$1,979,999.00Governors Club The Ph 3156 Governors WayBrentwood37027
$790,000.00Willowsprings Sec 1140 Gardenia WayFranklin37064
$675,000.00Franklin Green Ph 1 Sec 13230 Nolen LnFranklin37064
$1,000,000.00Campbell Station Sec 155034 Paddy TrSpring Hill37174
$265,000.00Rolling Meadows207 Scruggs AveFranklin37064
$1,725,000.00Berry Farms Town Center Sec71030 General Martin LnFranklin37064
$914,006.00Enclave @ Dove Lake Sec2905 Tynan WayNolensville37135
$1,125,000.00Bridgemore Village Sec4a3626 Martins Mill RdThompsons Station37179
$395,000.00Candlewood Sec 33019 Candlelite DrSpring Hill37174
$563,500.00Simmons Ridge Sec45078 Gracious DrFranklin37064
$799,715.00Falls Grove Sec67130 Sky Meadow DrCollege Grove37046
$1,325,000.00Bridgemore Village Sec 1-b3508 Robbins Nest RdThompsons Station37179
$1,500,000.00Powell William T5443 Old Hwy 96Franklin37064
$800,000.00Foxboro Est Sec 6810 Steeplechase DrBrentwood37027
$650,000.00Ballenger Farms Ph 2756 Cowan DrNolensville37135
$545,000.00Clairmonte Sec 21412 Clairmonte CirFranklin37064
$650,000.002270 Lewisburg PkFranklin37064
$619,000.00Franklin Green Sec 153207 Peyton CtFranklin37064
$885,000.00Highlands At Ladd Park Sec 8445 Irvine LnFranklin37064
$1,050,000.00Sullivan Farms Sec F325 Applecross DrFranklin37064
$535,000.00Brentwood Pointe 31845 Brentwood Pointe DrFranklin37067
$825,000.00Campbell Station Sec 161936 Portview DrSpring Hill37174
$2,050,000.00Valle Verde1647 Valle Verde DrBrentwood37027
$1,695,000.00Fountainbrooke Sec 6379 Childe Harolds CirBrentwood37027
$401,000.00Highlands @ Campbell Sta3041 Auld Tatty DrSpring Hill37174
$765,000.00Sullivan Farms Sec A403 Freesia CtFranklin37064
$900,000.00Indian Point Sec 49220 Shawnee TrlBrentwood37027
$1,240,000.00Willowsprings Sec 3664 Springlake DrFranklin37064
$1,420,739.00Alton Cove113 Stillwind CtNolensville37135
$950,000.00Tollgate Sec 13a3101 Hazelton DrThompsons Station37179
$1,065,000.00Jackson Lake Sec 1123 Jackson Lake DrFranklin37069
$1,047,000.003974 Sulphur Springs RdColumbia38401
$880,000.00Polk Place Sec 10104 Jill CtFranklin37064
$910,000.00Enclave @ Dove Lake Sec2805 Novalis StNolensville37135
$730,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec Z146 Wheaton Hall LnFranklin37069
$370,000.00Augusta Place Sec 12892 Duplex RdSpring Hill37174
$877,500.00Mcdaniel Estates Sec27416 Flatbush DrCollege Grove37046
$970,000.00Brixworth Ph 1 Sec 1100 Torrington CtThompsons Station37179
$1,900,000.00Harlan9204 Liza CtBrentwood37027
$455,000.00Grove Sec78595 Heirloom BlvdCollege Grove37046
$655,000.00Rolling Rivers120 Daniels DrFranklin37064
$708,432.00Clairmonte Sec 11402 Clairmonte CirFranklin37064
$975,000.00Echelon Sec13007 Ardrossan DrFranklin37064
$1,000,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 351240 Broadmoor CirFranklin37067
$810,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 141604 Longmont CtFranklin37067
$800,000.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec28942 Ryecroft LnFranklin37064
$939,080.00Arrington Ridge Sec27214 Arrington Ridge CtArrington37014
$917,590.00Arrington Ridge Sec27224 Arrington Ridge CtArrington37014
$1,150,000.00Westhaven Sec596031 Camberley StFranklin37064
$1,175,000.00Indian Point Sec 59221 Chickasaw CtBrentwood37027
$349,000.00Whispering Wind Ph27609 Whispering Wind LnFairview37062
$1,100,000.00Eulas Glen Ph2133 Newnham Bridge DrNolensville37135
$1,969,000.00Hidden Valley Est6532 Hidden Hollow TrlBrentwood37027
$75,000.00Otter Creek Springs Ph27436 Swindon BlvdFairview37062
$300,000.00Otter Creek Springs Ph2Swindon BlvdFairview37062
$1,900,000.00Hurstbourne Park Sec3607 Barrington DrFranklin37067
$805,000.00Bent Creek Ph5 Sec26033 Christmas DrNolensville37135
$680,000.00Winterset Woods2012 Tryon CtNolensville37135
$1,150,700.00Sturbridge Pointe Sec 3811 Appomattox PlFranklin37064
$1,275,000.00Brentmeade Est Sec 1908 Wilson PkBrentwood37027
$750,000.00Amelia Park Sec 21408 Casner LnFranklin37067
$1,325,000.00Bridgemore Village Sec5b3804 Everyman WayThompsons Station37179
$65,000.006625 Hatcher LnThompsons Station37179
$1,025,000.00Catalina Ph 22090 Eucalyptus WayNolensville37135
$940,000.00Farmington East2110 Hartland RdFranklin37069
$510,000.00Johnson Cheryl Ann3324 Carl RdFranklin37064
$300,000.00Otter Creek Springs Ph2Swindon BlvdFairview37062
$715,000.00Echelon Cottages2099 Moultrie CirFranklin37064
$3,350,000.007740 Pewitt RdFranklin37064


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