Williamson County Schools (WCS) has a new warning to pass along to parents and students regarding a possible scam.

There are reports that a company called Concepts Incorporated is contacting local businesses in an effort to sell plastic footballs bearing the logo and name of local high schools.

This company is not affiliated with Williamson County Schools. We appreciate the support we receive from our business community and want to make sure their donations are actually received by the school of their choice. If you are asked to make a payment to a corporation rather than a school, a PTO or a Booster club, you should automatically be suspicious.

If you have questions about any solicitation you receive, please give your principal, the school district or local law enforcement a call. Each principal is aware of fundraisers that are being conducted on behalf of a particular school.

Below is an example of what was sent to a local business.

williamson county schools scam alert



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