We sat down with Brooke, a student from Studio Novo,  to talk about how she decided to try that first class, her weight loss journey and how Studio Novo has changed her life all for the better.

WS:  What prompted you to try a class at Studio Novo?

Brooke: Anna (Studio Novo Owner) and I had previously worked in the nonprofit world together and had established a friendship. When she told me about her new venture, my insecurities and fears of a group fitness class were overshadowed by my desire to want to support my friend. I was really struggling with health and weight issues during this time and it gave me the opportunity to really put aside my fears and try something out of my comfort zone.

WS: Tell us about your first experience with Studio Novo?

Brooke: To say I was nervous is an understatement! But by having a supportive, nonjudgmental teacher to guide me though the class was my saving grace. I really felt that they knew everyone is on different fitness levels and that just by being there was a huge success. The workout was unlike anything I had ever tried and I really got a sense on how out of shape I was. It was time to get serious and I finally felt ready.

WS: How have the workouts at Studio Novo helped you to lose weight?

Brooke:Yes, this was the jump start and is the consistent factor in my current weight loss journey. There are three factors as to why I think it has worked for me: First, it is a total body workout. In 50 minutes I have worked my entire body and I leave class knowing that I really accomplished something. Second, the routines are never the same. They continue to remain extremely challenging and I feel challenged in every class. And third, the people. The instructors become your friends and your support system. I absolutely love being around people and the team at Studio Novo are some of the best people I have ever met.  Within a little over a year, I have been able to lose about 30 pounds and drop 2-3 clothing sizes. Also, my mental clarity and improvements are unmeasurable. I have the confidence to do and try so many more things that I would have never considered before Studio Novo and the weight loss.

WS: Would you recommend Studio Novo for anyone seeking to lose weight?

Brooke: 100%. With having such great coaches, a machine that works your whole body all while being low impact on your joints, you are really given a great opportunity to make some life changes and hit your weight loss goals.

Thanks so much Brooke for taking time out to talk with us about Studio Novo.  You can find out more about Studio Novo on their Facebook page.  If you are interested in trying a class, the first class is FREE!  Book your class at Studio Novo.