protect your home while on vacation

Going on vacation is something we all look forward to. As you’re making your to-do lists of items to pack and things to take care of before you leave, make sure to include home security on your list. While away on vacation, its important to take steps to protect your home from any intruders. While having an alarm system is probably the best thing you can do to deter a burglar, there are other easy steps you can take.

Ask Someone to Keep an Eye on Your Home

An empty home is a green light to a home burglar, so its a great idea to have someone keep an eye on your house. Whether you have a family friend who you trust to take care of things while you are away or you hire someone to house sit, this is a great way to keep uninvited guests away. Furthermore, this is a great option if you have pets as they can stay in the comfortable environment of their home rather than the stress of the kennel or boarding.

Locally, the Franklin Police Department will conduct home checks while you’re away. Click here to request a vacation check.

Install Timers on Your Electronics

Install timers to make it appear as if people are in your home. Timers can be installed on interior or exterior lights, TVs, and other items. There are even options to set a timer on an inconsistent schedule.

Keep up Appearances

This means asking a house sitter to bring in the mail or stopping the mail if you will not be hiring a house sitter. Making sure your lawn is mowed and perhaps asking a neighbor to take your trash to the curb on trash day. Small every day tasks that make it appear as though someone is home can deter burglars.

Keep Things Secure

Just as you always would, make sure everything is secure, like windows, doors and garage doors. Also, don’t leave out a spare key, even if you think it is hidden well. Instead, give a spare key to a neighbor or friend who could use it in an emergency situation.

Beware of Social Media

Finally, while you might like to share all of your beautiful pictures of your family at the beach or Disney world, hold off until you get home. Publicly sharing that you are away and your home is empty can make your home a target.

While these may not deter someone who is determined to break into your home, these tips can deter home burglars and give you peace of mind that your home is secure so you can enjoy your vacation.

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