Nolensville’s Happenstance Social Lounge Makes Slight Name Change

photo from Happenchance Social Facebook

Happenstance Social Lounge, located in Nolensville, TN, will now be known as Happenchance Social Lounge.

The cocktail lounge is constantly looking for ways to grow, and in order to do so, a slight adjustment to the name that has served them for the past year needed to be made.

The locally-owned spot aims to keep the same mission of bringing friends together over delicious cocktails and wines, just now under a new headline.

Owners Amanda and Dylan Guy are seeing this shift as an opportunity to jump into exciting new ventures with their business.

“It’s a small change but to us, it feels big – it feels like the start of something extremely exciting, a step in the right direction, and the opportunity to make our wildest dreams come true!” Guy said.

The team at Happenchance hopes that past, present, and future customers can all embrace their new name with open arms and continue to spend their evenings at the lounge.

About Happenchance Social Lounge

Happenchance Social Lounge is a wine and cocktail lounge in Nolensville, Tennessee serving craft cocktails, beer, and wine. They offer a variety of small plates and charcuterie boards as well to pair with their beverages. Happenchance can also serve as an event space for company parties, wedding showers, birthdays, and more.

For more information, please contact Amanda at [email protected] or visit Follow on social media @happenchancesocial.