Meet the Designers for O’More College of Design Fashion Show

O'More College of Design

O’More College of Design is proud to announce that tickets are now on sale for thier 2016 Fashion Show, held on Thursday, May 12. For the first time, the beloved annual event will be held at John C. Tune Airport in Nashville.

The Fashion Show will highlight 18 well-designed, well-made and beautiful collections from juniors and seniors at the school, located in downtown Franklin. Buy your tickets now to this popular  event showcasing new talent.






MODern Rags

Carrington Elliott has always looked up to her maternal grandmother, Betty. “She was a caring woman who was always taking care of her family and her household,” she says. “When her three daughters were younger she made a lot of their clothing. I say that she is where my creative gene came from. ” Carrington, who is a senior from Murfreesboro, views fashion design as a terrific outlet for her own creative energy – not to mention a way to make other people happy. “I love making things, and I love seeing the reactions on people’s faces when they receive one of my handmade items.” She specializes in children’s design. Her collection is inspired by Mod era that emerged in the Sixties. “I have always loved the ’60s – the bright colors and fun, quirky details that were dominant during that time.”


Angel Aura

A senior from Nashville, Kat Gaume wants to inspire others to be proud of their individuality and accommodating of others. “I want to prove to others that being different, thinking outside the boundaries, being “out there” is not a bad thing,” she says. “Always be yourself. Life is much harder being someone else.” After graduation, she hopes to have her own fashion brand that would incorporate custom work. Her collection is inspired by EDM rave culture and natural cluster gemstones. “Much like life itself, raves are chaotic, thrilling, stimulating, intense and enchanting. And natural cluster gemstones are believed to help spiritually purify one’s mind, body, and soul. I took these two key elements and created a lifestyle collection that expresses the many emotions of life and the universe.”

It’s Poppin’

A junior from Chattanooga, Maiya Gines uses her own personal experience and her O’More education to inform the designs of her plus-sized clothing. “I was always self-conscious because I never felt my clothes were as cool as the smaller girls,” she says. “Plus-size women and girls deserve the same stylish clothing as any other woman. There is a need for that in the fashion industry and a world where skinny is the standard of beauty.” Maiya, whose collection is inspired by the Pop Art movement, is inspired by the “fun and bold” fashions of Betsey Johnson and women like Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson who represent a more diverse range of beauty.


Traveling and family are hugely inspirational to Sara Hinkle, a junior from Spring Hill. “I take road trips to see friends and family. Family is a huge part of my life, so spending as much time as I can with extended family is important to me,” she says. Her style philosophy is focused on making the wearer feel terrific. “Fashion is creating garments that accentuate a women’s beauty and make them feel confident about who they are,” she says. The inspiration for her collection is The Sphere, a sculpture in New York City’s Battery Park. “It is a beautiful piece of work before and after the tragedy of 9/11. There are different angles and shapes throughout the piece, so I wanted to focus on the angles and shapes that make up the body.”



Anna Marie Hurdle, a junior from Collierville, has big goals for her future. She wants to take the “incredible garments and designs of my daydreams and put them up on stage so that I can inspire audiences across the world with my beautifully made and visually fantastic looks.” The collection she’ll show is based on “the interaction of textures and prints within the designs and how the competition of those elements can add depth and visual interest. While my silhouettes are more simplistic and tailored in style and my color palette is predominantly neutral, each fabric has a unique texture or pattern that adds another level of complexity.” Though she has another year of study ahead of her, Anna already has a favorite class: “Hands down, it’s Advanced Design Studio. We work through the entire design process starting from trend research and ending in a completed collection of beautiful garments.”

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