McCalls Carpet One talks with Interior designer, Dvira Ovadia, who takes us behind the design of this stunning ‘warm and casual’ living room.

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What were your clients’ needs for this space?

Dvira Ovadia: The client requested a very comfortable and inviting family room that they can enjoy most days with their large family. The modern seaside look came from the situation that the house overlooks a lake. We wanted to have some elements of a cottage home but with modern and contemporary touches

Were there any changes to designing this space?

Dvira Ovadia: We upgraded the fireplace from a builder basic to an oversized modern fireplace with a classic stone surround that commands the room.

Do you have any special considerations or requirements when creating a living room?

Dvira Ovadia: A family room should be practical, comfortable and should have enough seating for everyone, including a space to kick your feet up. Being that this is a space that’s frequently used, considering durable materials and finishes is key to a successful and long lasting space.

How does the flooring play into your design?

Dvira Ovadia: The gorgeous 7″ wide natural white oak planks carry from the rest of the home right through to the family room. To keep the look cozy yet practical we opted for a custom bound jute rug with a thick boarder. Creating a custom rug is ideal as it allows you to customize the size especially in odd shaped rooms, as opposed to working with standard area rug measurements.

What makes this room functional? (hidden storage, convertible pieces, flow, etc.)

Dvira Ovadia: The function of this room starts with the casual sofas that allow you to sink into, as well as the oversized ottoman that doubles as a footstool and a coffee table. The console locate behind the sofa anchors the back of the sofa and it doubles up as storage for the family’s board games and also provides a surface for our two symmetrical table lamps.

Why did you choose these colors?

Dvira Ovadia: We selected a soothing palate of white and accents of soft grey/blue and nude/petal tones. The palate is very casual and has a relaxing and inviting appeal.

What is your favorite aspect of this room?

Dvira Ovadia: I love the mesh floor lamp, it has a sculptural aesthetic that is simple, casual yet polished. I’m also a big fan of the soft pink/ nude tones in this space, introducing an uncommon color in a subtle manner can create a unique look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a new color it can add charm, individuality and character to your personal space.

What did your client like the most?

Dvira Ovadia: They love the space as a whole, the comfort, the style and the overall feel of the space . Warm and casual.


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