How to Make a Family Time Capsule

family photos for family time capsule

Family projects provide fun times and a great bonding opportunity. We laugh, talk and make wonderful memories during the process. Making a family time capsule will give you all of this and then some as you create something together that will transport your future selves back in time.

A time capsule is defined as a “historic cache of objects chosen as being typical of the present time, buried for discovery in the future”. This can help future generations learn about our present time or give our future selves a charming walk down memory lane as we rediscover our present moment together.

What You’ll Need

A Capsule – A capsule can be any type of container. Make sure you consider where you will be storing your capsule so you can choose the best option. If you take the traditional route and choose to bury your capsule, you will want a stainless steel, waterproof one like this from Amazon. However, should you choose to store it in your garage, attic or closet you can use a shoebox or a plastic container.

What Should You Put Inside? 

This is truly specialized to you and what is important to your family. What do you think future you will appreciate? What is important to you and your loved ones now that will bring back that wonderful feeling of nostalgia later? There really are no limitations to what your capsule can hold but here are a few recommendations to get you started.

  • Photos of your family and friends
  • Print and fill in an About Me sheet
  • Include arts and crafts you are proud of
  • Parents, write a letter to the future version of your children
  • Get a large sheet of construction paper and trace all family members hands in marker or dip your hand in paint and press firmly on paper
  • Include newspaper clippings and magazine articles
  • Include birth announcements, special event invitations and even family Christmas cards
  • Write a letter to your future self
  • A favorite toy

The “Do Not Open Until” Label

When it’s time to seal your family capsule, make sure you write down the date you close it. Decide as a family how many years you will wait until you open it and create a reminder to open it on your future date.