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Parks & Historical Landmarks are a huge part of the charm and grace that is Williamson County. This week we will highlight a few places and ask you to comment and tell us about your favorite spot.


On the corner of Columbia Avenue and Fowlkes stands a monument to the history of Franklin, The Lotz House. This museum has been called a mix of beauty and tragedy. Located in the middle of one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War, the Lotz house was completed in 1858 by Albert Lotz after three years of building.

From the char mark of a cannon ball that came through the roof to the elegant solid black walnut handrail, this historic dwelling holds glimpses of our past that excite current and future generations to learn about the times that shaped America. Lotz was quite the craftsman as can be seen on the outside of the home. Hand carved acorn finials, millwork and cartouches adorn the abode.

Numerous examples of fine art are on display, like the painting of Betsy Patterson and Jerome Bonaparte, or the Matilda Lotz original Oil of Three Sheep. The collection of American Victorian Furniture has been called the finest collection in the southeast. The guided tour gives you insight to the history of many of the antiques within. From beautifully preserved furniture to table settings and porcelain dishes the house is full of treasures.

Take a battlefield walking tour with Thomas Y. Cartwright one of the leading authorities on the Battle of Franklin Tuesday through Saturday.

Call (615) 790-7190 or email [email protected] for details.


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