Leadership Brentwood Partners With City to Improve Emergency Notification Sign-Ups

LB2016 team project

A six-person team from Leadership Brentwood, a Williamson Inc. program to foster civic leadership and engagement, has partnered with the City to raise awareness of the need to sign-up for the Citizen Alert Emergency Notification System.

That system, also known as Everbridge, is how residents throughout Williamson County can be notified in the event of emergencies such as natural disasters, chemical spills, school lockdowns, and train derailments.

The challenge for the Leadership Brentwood team is that only 1,116 of Brentwood’s 13,000 homes have signed-up. They are determined to change that.

The county-wide emergency system has the ability to mass-notify everyone who has a traditional landline telephone. However, many households now have phone service through their cable company, Vonage, magicJack, or simply rely on their cell phones.

Even those who do have a traditional landline may not be at home when they need to know about an emergency. Unless residents create an account on the Citizen Alert system, they may not get the message.

Thankfully, the process is easy and can be completed quickly by clicking here. Links are also available on the Franklin and Williamson County websites.

Residents who sign-up discover that they can also be notified by email or text, can receive weather alerts from the National Weather Service, and can set certain hours of the day or night that they don’t want to be disturbed.

They can even add localized alerts for specific areas such as a child’s school, workplace, or a loved-one’s home.

The Leadership Brentwood team plans to saturate social and print media, and work with civic organizations and Williamson County Public Schools to bring the message to the public.

The perfect measure of success for this team is to have every single household in Brentwood registered in the Citizen Alert system.

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