Harvest Martial Arts Wins 36 Medals at Tournament

Harvest Martial Arts Sweeps Tournament

Franklin’s Harvest Martial Arts, and Owner Justin Martin, took home top honors at the 22nd International He-Young Kimm Cup in Mississippi. The tournament, hosted by the World Han Mu Do Association, was presided over by Han Mu Do Founder, 10th Degree Black Belt, and President, Dr. He-Young Kimm.

World-renowned Korean Martial Art historian and Grand Master of Hapkido, Kuk Sool, Taekwando, and Yudo, Dr. Kimm created the Han Mu Do discipline as a balanced martial arts system adapted from traditional and modern Korean fighting arts.

The Harvest Martial Arts team consisted of 11 students and instructors who competed in events such as forms, weapons forms, technical demonstrations, and sparring. The medal count for the group totaled 36; 11 Gold, 13 Silver, and 12 Bronze.

Harvest team members included Josh Coffman, Ron Coffman, Russ Haskett, Justin Martin, Davis Medsker, Scott Medsker, Will Medsker, Melissa Neal, Aidan Shires, Tristin Shires, and Bradley Wilson. Harvest Owner Justin Martin, a 3rd Degree Black Belt and Certified Han Mu Do Instructor, received Gold medals in all of the events, and was named Grand Champion, receiving the He-Young Kimm Cup. Having trained under Founder Dr. Kimm, Martin is a skilled martial artist, and his passion for teaching and encouraging others continues to grow. Harvest Martial Arts is a traditional martial arts school in Franklin,Tennessee, that specializes in teaching Han Mu Do. Supported by a community of dedicated families in the middle Tennessee area, the school also offers a broad range of programs for adults and children including kick boxing and Yoga