Flooding Predicted For Christmas Day

 Christmas Day: Oh What Fun It Is To Ride In A ….Boat

FLASH FLOOD WATCH BEGINS AT 6:00 A.M. Christmas Morning and will continue into late in the evening.

Put away the eggnog and fuzzy slippers. Grab the flip flops and sweet tea as temps are predicted in the mid to upper 70’s . The National Weather Service has a marginal storm impact for Christmas Day. Simply put: strong storms, gusty winds and copious amounts of rain are a guarantee. Nothing like Wednesday night is expected, but already saturated grounds from those storms will struggle to take on the extra water, so expect flooding to be an issue. We will be monitoring and updating throughout the day.

Last Weekend of 2015

Temps will remain in the 70s, 30-40% chance of more rain and a few boomers. Monday another line of storms is predicted, as some begin the work week. We will monitor as the weekend gets closer and adjust the forecast as needed. 3-4 more inches of rain is possible by Tuesday afternoon.

How To Prepare For Southern Christmas Winter Weather :

  • Make sure the batteries work in your weather radio
  • Get the fan out of the attic
  • Keep your laptop and phone charged
  • Make sure the AC has coolant
  • Pick up extra Iced Tea bags

Seriously, just stay aware and whatever you and your friends and kin do: DO NOT PANIC! Enjoy the holiday, but just keep an eye on the weather. You can always :