Anticipated Restaurant Chooses Not to Continue with Franklin Project

The Pharmacy

Williamson County residents will have to continue to drive to East Nashville for a Pharmacy burger as the owner of The Pharmacy, Terry Raley has chosen not to continue with the Franklin project, confirmed The Factory Managment.

Raley had proposed a new concept called Liberty Green which was to encompass the entire front right-hand corner of The Factory – the space where The Little Cottage and Lyrics Restaurant once occupied. They were to also to develop the patio space just outside The Little Cottage store.

In addition to The Pharmacy, Raley has opened Holland House, and Butchertown Hall in Nashville.

Holland House opened back in 2010 and closed its doors on July 22, 2017. On the Holland House Facebook page, they state, “Our first project was Butchertown Hall, and since then, many new and exciting opportunities have transpired. In order for our company to capitalize on these opportunities, it has now become necessary for more of my time be paid to Amaranth Hospitality current and future projects, as well as on undertakings that have inelastic prospects for the future.”

While we don’t know what projects that message refers to, we do know that it will not include The Factory in Franklin.

In talking with The Factory management, they told us that there is continued interest in all available spaces in The Factory suitable for office, retail, and restaurants. They would not confirm if there had been other meetings with prospective tenants for the Liberty Green space.

Keep checking back here for more updates regarding what will replace Liberty Green in The Factory. Other new restaurants that recently opened in The Factory include MAFIAoZA’s and Funk Seoul Brothers.

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