Become A Reporter

Will You Be At The Team’s Next Game?

If you’re frequently at the team’s games and you can help update the score at the end of each period, take photos, and share highlights of what’s happening, we’d like to ask you to become a reporter for your team and your school. As much as we’d like to be everywhere at every game, it just isn’t practical. YOUR HELP means a lot to us in our efforts to promote what’s happening with the players on your team and what’s happening at your school.

Interested in Becoming a Reporter For Your School?

We’re always looking for students, parents, grandparents, and boosters who are frequently at school sporting events to share game photos, highlights, stats, player accomplishments, and anything else that will help promote your team and your school. If you are willing to help, you can randomly win great prizes!
Whenever you share information from a game, you get entered to win. The more you share, the greater your chances of winning! AND you get to help promote the kids on your team and your school!

Get All the Details

Just fill out this quick form and we’ll get back to you shortly with all the details and more information about how you can become a reporter for your team and your school. It’s always up to you when and where you share updates, and you can opt out at any time.

We’re Always Looking for Great Story Ideas

If you’d like to share a game photo, click here. Or if you’ve got a great story idea, just let us know by emailing the information to [email protected]. Tell us as much as you can about the story, including who to contact (and how, if you know). We always appreciate your ideas, and we try to follow up on as many as possible.