Victoria Jackson

by Victoria Jackson

I thought my biggest problem was keeping my husband happy. Then, I got cancer.

But that was last year. I am healed today thanks to Jesus and the wonderful, caring staff
at Vanderbilt Breast Clinic. But my retired-cop husband has six pack abs. For real. That’s pretty rare in our age bracket. He also reads the Bible, goes to church, and cleans the house. He’s a real catch I work hard to keep. Then breast cancer came a knocking at my door. Lots of appointments and treatments ensued. Lots of contemplation about life and death. My conclusion: life is short but God is good.

I’ve never had good luck with breasts. And no one told me that if and when they appear
they will morph into all sorts of shapes and sizes as the years go by. My breast saga goes way back to the teenage years when I wasn’t developing like the other girls because of my intensive competitive gymnastic career. I didn’t want to be a gymnast, but my dad was the coach, it was the family business, and I was just expected to do it. I later used a handstand to get Johnny Carson and Lorne Michael’s attention and thus have somewhat of a show business career because of it.

Then love interfered as it does, then children, and then I found myself approaching 60
years old and reflecting a lot, especially when I was laying on a rolling table in a hospital wearing a blue shower cap and a hospital gown (more like a big napkin with strings), and they were getting ready to chop my breasts off.

I kept notes in my oncology journal in case I ever missed cancer and wanted to relive the
adventure—also to give me something to do during the nine months of chemotherapy and
radiation, baldness, and mountains of pills. I named my cancer book Lavender Hair after a song that I wrote during this time about my husband and my hair, which went from bleach-blonde to bald, to a purple wig to a gray crew-cut, and back to bleach-blonde within the year. A woman’s breasts and her hair are her adornment, the essence of her femininity. When they are gone, who are you? I found out. I am a daughter of the King and always beautiful to Him.

And so are you … always beautiful. No matter what you have or don’t have.
My new devotional for breast cancer patients and survivors, Lavender Hair, comes
out Oct. 1 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To celebrate the launch of the book, I’ll be
performing my stand-up routine and singing my new song live at Zanies Comedy Club in
Nashville on October 8. Purchase tickets here! and donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation here.

Victoria Jackson is the author of Lavender Hair and is best known for her six seasons (1986-1992) on Saturday Night Live. She has also appeared in many films. Victoria was raised in a Bible-believing,  piano-playing home with no TV. While at college on a gymnastics scholarship, Victoria discovered drama. Johnny Carson’s talent scout saw her six-minute stand-up comedy act and put her on the Tonight Show where she appeared over 20 times. In 1992, Victoria was reunited with her high school sweetheart, Paul Wessel, and left show business to raise a family in the suburbs of Miami. Victoria still performs stand-up comedy and appears in an occasional film. She and her husband now reside in Nashville, to be near their daughters and grandchildren.

Lavender Hair is available now for purchase at: