8 Things You Might Not Know About Kubota Tractors

kubota tractor

When it comes to taking care of your land, whether you have a lot or a little acreage, there are many brands to choose from. Many companies have made their names in the lawn and landscaping business because of the wide versatility of functions offered on their machines. One of the most well-known manufacturers is Kubota. From their modest start to their proud history in the U.S., Kubota has become a leader in the tractor business. Here are 8 reasons Kubota tractors have become known as some of the best.

Diesel Engines

While many lawn and landscaping manufacturers tend to use regular unleaded gasoline in their products, Kubota’s commitment to observing emissions standards, means that they manufacture their engines to be powerful engines with all the performance that you need with the clean efficiency that cares for the environment too.

Outstanding Cutting Performance

Speaking of performance, they are always looking for the opportunities to provide cutting performance at the top of its class, which begins by offering a variety of decks to meet all your needs whether you’re cutting a basic yard every day or need something more industrial. Some of their offerings include: Kubota PRO DECK, Aerodynamic Cutting System, Infinity Deck, Twin Cut, and Tri Cut.

Wide Range and Variety of Tractors and Features

Along with the huge variety in their decks, they offer variety, as a whole, throughout their whole lineup to match a variety of professional and residential uses. They also have everything from sub-compact to full size, narrow to low-clearance; they quite literally have every size and function you could need. They also have some added features like a variety of grass collectors, including high-dump, low-dump, combined, combined zero turn (GZD), etc., which can be attached and detached easily.


Because their equipment is often used by those who are doing long hours on the tractor, comfort was something important to them as they were designing and manufacturing their products. It begins with a simple, intuitive control panel and easily maneuverable handles and is finished off with the rare, thoughtful addition of comfortable seats. As a whole, it is meant to reduce the shocks and many possible rough terrains that the driver might be encountering.

Hydraulic Deck Lift

Along with the addition of physical additions to make the ride more comfortable, they also created their advanced hydraulic deck lift pedal system which allows you to easily raise and lower the deck with your foot pedals. This means not only enabling easy access, but also allows a quicker response, meaning comfort of mind knowing that your safety is also cared for.

Glide Steer

Finally among their great features, in addition to the other safety and comfort factors, the use what they call their Glide Steer technology that combines the traction of a four-wheel drive tractor with the maneuverability of a zero-turn mower. These are not only two of the most sought features in tractors, but also adds that last little touch of comfort that goes above and beyond most typical tractors.


While all the other things on this list have to do with the actual product and machine, this adds into their top-notch service. They truly want you to be happy with their product. In an effort to achieve this, they provide a comprehensive warranty on every new Kubota. Just seek out your trusted and reputable dealer and they will handle claims and service.

First on the Market and Best Selling Sub Compact

To top off their years of commitment to satisfied customers, Kubota has proven that they care and others have taken notice at their quality products. Kubota first pioneered the sub-compact tractor market in 2000 with the introduction of the first bx series tractor. Since then, Kubota has become and remained the #1 selling sub-compact tractor brand on the market for more than a decade!

If you’re looking for your next tractor, check out your local Kubota dealers in Franklin and Columbia.

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