Jenny Tolman

Nolensville musician Jenny Tolman drops her debut album There Goes the Neighborhood today. The singer/songwriter held a release party earlier this week in front of 300 people at City Winery, Toman shared it was an emotional event and her favorite show ever to play.

In case you don’t know Tolman, here are five things you need to know.

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1Tolman is a hometown girl from Nolensville

Tolman grew up in Nolensville and attended high school at Ravenwood and Brentwood before choosing a homeschool tutorial where she graduated a year early from high school.  Tolman shared her reason for switching was due to anxiety, “initially I did it because i had bad anxiety problems because I wasn’t able to sit in a classroom without having a panic attack. I felt like I was being trapped somewhere. At first, I did it for anxiety reasons but then it also gave me more time to focus on music.”


2The Stage is Where She’s the Most Comfortable

Tolman shared she doesn’t have anxiety when she performs. It’s the place where she feels the most like herself. Performing since she was 18, she’s performed alongside names like Cole Swindell, Alabama, and Michael Ray.

3Dolly is a Major Influence For Her

“I love her(Dolly)!” Tolman said, “I may not take as musical influence from her except for songwriting but as a person I study her. She’s such a genius at making people feel so important and understood. She has this way of taking people from all different sides and making those disappear, and I try to model myself after her.” Although Tolman still hasn’t met Dolly, her song “My Welcome Mat” is on Dolly’s Apple playlist.


4She’s Created Her Own Town Called Jennyville

“If Dolly can have Dollywood, why can’t I Jennyville?” says Tolman laughing.” Really, the song ‘High Class White Trash’ is about a string of characters who might all live in the same town.” Country music is about storytelling shared Tolman and she says every little song has a little bit of herself in it but it also touches on a little bit of all us in some way with some humor added in. “The album is all about making people laugh and have fun.”


5Tolman was Raised in the Music Industry

Tolman’s father Steve was asked by Burt Reynolds to be a founding member of the Indian River Boys band which brought him to Nashville. The band reunited after 30 years for Tolman’s release party where they performed “Five Dollar Car Wash.”

The band also provided vocals for Garth Brooks’ album No Fences. It was a common occurrence for Jenny to be in the presence of country artists like the Oak Ridge Boys, Sara Evans, and Reba. She told us Duane Allen, member of the Oak Ridge Boys, is a fan of her music. Country artist Jeannie Seely is also a fan, Tolman calls her The Mayor of Jennyville but Seely says she prefers to be called “The Retired Madam of Jennyville.”

There Goes the Neighborhood releases on July 19. For the latest updates, visit Jenny Tolman’s Facebook page.


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