5 Things to Know About Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen

Last week, we told you about Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen heading to Nashville at Opry Mills. As we wait for the southern restaurant to open, here are five things you need to know about Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen.


1Meals are Served Family Style

Just like a family gathering, all of the food ordered at the restaurant comes out family-style for the entire table to share. Which means all of your entrees along with sides dishes come to the table in a shareable serving so no FOMO about what you didn’t order.

2There’s No To-Go Boxes

Since the meal is served family-style, you will receive refills of your favorite items at no charge. The downside, enjoy it while you are there because there are no to-go boxes.

credit- Facebook

3You Can Find Gluten-Free Items on the Menu

There are a few items listed on the menu that are gluten-free. Those include Spare Ribs, Creamed Corn, Fresh Candied Yams, White Rice, Creamed Potatoes, Porky Beans, Poppyseed Tossed Salad (no croutons), and Cole Slaw. However, it doesn’t say if these items are made in a separate kitchen.


4Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen Serves Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

If the new restaurant is like others that have opened, you can dine there all day. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with typical hours of service from 8 a until 11 p.

Breakfast item favorites are chicken and biscuits, breakfast casseroles, hashbrown casserole, and fried grits. Other popular items are fried green tomatoes, seafood dip, pot roast, chicken and dumplings, and sides that include creamed potatoes, candied yams, creamed corn, and more. The best part is everyone gets a dessert. Choices to end your meal include ooey gooey butter cake, banana pudding, and seasonal cobbler.


5Restaurant Includes Retail Store

After you finish your meal, you can shop in the retail store. There you will find Paula Deen’s cookbooks, products, jams, and more.