10 Items Brides Wished Was on Their Registry

Le Creuset
Le Creuset

The spring and summer are usually very popular times of the year for people to get married.  While most couples create registries, which serve as a road map for their guests when shopping, there are some useful items that we’ve noticed people forget to add to their registry, simply because they don’t know how useful it will be.

Kitchen items are always popular wedding gifts, so we’ve put together a list of items that might not have made the registry list but are a necessity for anyone’s kitchen. If you’re a bride to be, consider registering for these items and if you’re shopping for the ultimate wedding gift, pick up one of these gifts!

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Le Creuset1.Enameled Dutch Oven
(pictured above)
We love these pots from Le Creuset, because of their versatility. You can cook a hearty soup in them, make a loaf of bread or even bake a cake.  This item is so great for any cook because it evenly distributes heat and locks in the optimal amount of moisture. Plus the bold colors that you can find at LeCreuset make it a beautiful kitchen item that you can leave out on the counter or stove top.

Find it at LeCreuset in the Brentwood Place Shopping Center, 330 Franklin Road, Brentwood TN 37027

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2.Instant-read thermometer
Yes, the Thermapen is totally worth it, which makes it worthy of inclusion on any serious kitchen registry. You will use this item more than you think to check the temperatures of meat or that special candy recipe.

Purchase instant-read thermometer online at Amazon.


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3. Pepper Mill
It feels like a luxury, but it’s actually super practical. I’d want a Peugeot or a Perfex. One of the essential seasonings is salt and pepper, and pepper is always better when it is freshly cracked.  But avoid the cheap pepper mills that break easily.

Purchase this luxury item at Williams-Sonoma in the Cool Springs Galleria, 1800 Galleria Boulevard, Franklin.

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4.Beautiful bakeware
There are so many options here. You won’t believe how many times you take dinner to other people’s homes and having bakeware that can go seamlessly from oven to table is a must. Inexpensive bakeware is often thinner material causing food to cook faster and often causing your food to burn. Invest now and you will cook like a pro. Look for brands like Calphalon or the Williams-Sonoma brand.

Purchase your bakeware at Williams-Sonoma in the Cool Spring Galleria, 1800 Galleria Boulevard, Franklin.

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5.Half sheet pans
A  must have for the kitchen. You will use this item for a batch of cookies or a sheet cake. Trust us, once little league starts, this pan will be in the weekly rotation. Look for the heavy-gauge aluminum.

Purchase your half sheet pans at TJ Maxx Home Goods Store in the Brentwood Place Shopping Center located at 330 Franklin Road, Brentwood.

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6.Nested mixing bowls with lids
This stainless steel set will last for years. The glass set from Williams-Sonoma is on the top of our list. Some chefs prefer stainless steel mixing bowls that are non-reactive while other prefer glass. Most stainless steel sets come with lids which are helpful for storing left-over sauce or pancake mix.

Purchase your choice of glass or stainless steel at Williams-Sonoma in the CoolSprings Galleria located at 1800 Galleria Boulevard, Franklin.

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7.Super-powered blender
Cheap blenders burn out easily but Vitamix, BlendTec, or Breville are all solid choices. More expensive blenders will be able to crush ice or pulverize the fruits for smoothies.  You can also use a high-powered blender for creating sauces or soups.

Find Vitamix or BlendTec at Costco or shop at Bed Bath & Beyond at 545 Cool Springs Boulevard, Franklin.

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8.Electric kettle
A basic electric kettle can be used every day where temperature control is key. Whether you are looking to boil water for drinking tea or hot chocolate, you can control the temperature so there’s no heating up and then trying to cool it done quickly.

Purchase your electric kettle at Bed Bath & Beyond located at 545 Cool Spring Boulevard, Franklin.

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9.Instant Pot
Pressure cookers were once a thing but now it’s all about the instant pot. With this new kitchen tool, you can make dinner in a flash.  It does the job of a slow cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté/browning pan, and warming pot. This single appliance does the job of seven different kitchen appliances.

Purchase your Instant Pot at Bed Bath & Beyond located at 545 Cool Spring Boulevard, Franklin.

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10. Chef’s knife
Register for expensive knives. It makes a world of difference to have quality knives. Initially, all knives are sharp but cheaper knives dull faster and make chopping difficult to use. What knife you choose depends on how it feels in your hand.

For the best selection, purchase your knife at Williams-Sonoma inside the CoolSprings Galleria lcoated at 1800 Galleria Boulevard, Franklin.

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