Your New Year DIY Project is Easier With Franklin Rental

Attention all DIY enthusiasts – the New Year is a great time to tackle that home renovation project you’ve been meaning to start. Whether you’ve got your eye set on a big or small project, you’ll more than likely need some powerful tools to complete the job.

It doesn’t always make sense to buy those tools, especially if you just need them for one project. Thankfully, you can rent lots of helpful contracting tools at Franklin Rental, located at 1561 Columbia Ave.

Some of the tools you can find there that will help you knock out your next renovation project include:

Pipe/Concrete Saw

Pipe Concrete Saw Franklin RentalThis STIHL Pipe/Concrete Saw is a low-maintenance powerhouse that’s portable and easy to use. Whether your day calls for trimming metal pipes down to size or cutting curbs and expansion joints, this is the tool for you.

Max Hammer Drill

This Bosch Hammer Drill is lightweight and easy to handle. If you’re doing a project involving tile, you can use it to break up tile, saving you lots of time and frustration. Also, if you have a masonry project in mind, this hammer drill will help you drill holes in bricks, mortar and concrete blocks.


equipment trailer Franklin Rental
If you’re doing a renovation project, more than likely you’ll be making trips to your local hardware store for a variety of items. If you need to haul something awkward like 2x4s, you’ll need a trailer. No longer do you have to hunt down a friend of a friend who has a truck or trailer, just head over to Franklin Rental and rent a trailer for as long as you need

At Franklin Rental, you can rent equipment large and small, by the hour, day or month. Learn more here. Franklin Rental is located at 1516 Columbia Ave, Franklin TN 37064.