Williamson County Mask Mandate Extended Through February


Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson, on December 28, issued an extension to the county-wide mask mandate. The face covering mandate, which was set to expire December 29, is now extended through February 27

Read the entire declaration here.

Mayor Anderson issued a face covering mandate on October 22 and explained he anticipated extending the mandate through the end of the calendar year as long as the Governor extended the executive order which authorizes County Mayors to require face coverings within their jurisdictions.

Mayor Anderson also issued a face covering requirement for the months of July and August due to escalating numbers of COVID-19 cases in Williamson County at that time. Williamson County was successful in reopening businesses, opening schools for in-person learning, and providing government services while reducing the spread of COVID-19 through this and other health and safety measures. Once the numbers were reduced, the face covering mandate was allowed to expire on August 29, 2020. However, numbers significantly increased, putting the continued operation of businesses, schools and governmental services in jeopardy; therefore, the face covering mandate was reinstated on Oct 22.

Citizens should carefully read the order, as there are several exceptions based upon specific health or safety issues, as well as situations where individuals can safely distance and do not need to wear face coverings for their safety.

The Williamson County Emergency Management Agency has released a COVID-19 Toolkit which includes social media graphics, decision trees, slideshows, and flyers. The toolkit has information on safety measures, decision making regarding social events and more. Citizens and local partners can find the tool kit at www.williamsonready.org, download content, and add their own branding.

A local, Williamson County COVID-19 hotline number is also available beginning Monday, October 25, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for any questions or concerns. The number is (615) 595-4880. For more information on Governor Lee’s executive orders and statewide COVID-19 numbers, visit https://covid19.tn.gov/.


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