It’s a White Out- 5 tips on How to Wear White

White is the hot new trend for summer.  I know, it didn’t feel like summer temperatures last week but in a few weeks, we will be wishing for that white out as we embark on the ninety degree weather.  So, back to fashion.  Wearing white from head to toe is the new look.  Take note of all of the white dresses, shirts, jeans, skirts and even shoes.   And if you were wearing the black and white trend of early  spring (but as we learned from our local designer Leona, black and white is never a trend but a true classic), then guess what? You are half way there.  Still not convinced you can pull off the all white look?  Take a look at tips and tricks for the best looking all white looks this summer.


Let’s start simple.  Last summer’s hot item was the white dress. If you didn’t get the perfect white dress last year; do it this summer! It is the perfect way to  journey into the white trend plus a white dress is extremely versatile.  There is so much to choose from this season–fit and flare, sheath, shift, and bohemian.



A stylist friend, gave me this tip years ago–Wearing all one color instantly makes you look pulled together.  So, when in a hurry or you just can’t find the  right outfit, just wear all white!  Hint:  this also works with any other color in your wardrobe.  We will talk about the monochromatic trend later.



Layers add dimension while giving warmth.  Again, we mention the weather.  It may be warm outside but your office may be cool. Whatever the situation,  layers will extend your outfit beyond summer.  You haven’t heard?  White is now year round.



Mix all white with a dash of color.  If you find that the all white is too stark for you, add color with your handbag or jewelry.  Colored handbags are right on trend.  We checked out local designer Ceri Hoover’s bags last week.  Look for our interview next week about these made in the USA one-of -a -kind bags.




Go Metallic.  Looking for high impact to that all white outfit?  Add a metallic necklace, cuff, or even a metallic shoe.  Simple, but leaves a lasting impression.


Tip:  Those of you with small children or teenagers who see an all white palette as the perfect place for a hand print.  Not to worry,  the fabrics for white this summer are natural fibers that can be bleached.  Just take a towel with a small amount of bleach and apply it to the soiled area.  It will look as good as new in minutes.  Be sure to check the label to make sure your garment is washable before applying bleach.