Trending Now: Urban Hiking & Where to Go

downtown nashville

Urban hikes are the rustic yet still cool cousin of walking: they normally follow a trail, often begin at a lower elevation and end at a higher one, and they’re longer and way more strenuous than your typical saunter to the corner for a cup of coffee, says Thrillist.

With more people getting into urban hiking as a new way to explore their own cities or to discover new ones, meet-up groups are spawning and city governments are mapping out urban trails. Ready to get hiking? We’ve compiled a list of the best cities and places to hit the pavement with purpose.

1.Portland Oregon

Portland has its own Urban Trails mapped out for you. Featuring the Alameda stairs,thee are lots of places to go. And when you are finished they have lots of food trucks to sample.

2. New York

Beginning at Inspiration Point just north of the George Washington Bridge, follow the westside waterfront greenway all the way down to Battery Park. While there’s no danger of being eaten by bears, bicyclists tend to fly on this trail, so stay on high alert.

3. Los Angeles, California

You must follow the trek hosted by L.A.’s Architecture and Design Museum and led by L.A. native, historian, and poet Mike Sonksen. He performs spontaneous live poetry as he leads groups through hip, on-the-low neighborhoods like Little Tokyo, Leimert Park, Macarthur Park, and the Downtown Historic Core. Even the hikes in L.A. are dramatic.

4. San Francisco, California

Start with the no-brainer walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and take in sweeping views of the city skyline, Alcatraz and Angel Island. Looking for more nature? Jump on the gorgeous 10.5 mile California Coast Trail. You won’t regret it.

5. Nashville

If you’re just visiting or are a native, be sure to check out this evening meet up that takes trekkers on a 5.2 mile hike starting at Thai Phooket and winding through some of the city’s most famous buildings, neighborhoods and parks. This one will help you work up a sweat and an appetite — as the hike wraps up right where you began, at Thai Phooket, for a healthy dose of pad thai. That’s exactly the kind of exercise we can get behind, the kind that ends with food!

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