Factory at Franklin

Although Williamson County has long awaited news of an official grand opening of The Pharmacy inside The Factory at Franklin, Pharmacy owner Terry Raley has recently announced that he is going in a different direction.

Instead of The Pharmacy, Raley is bringing a new concept called Liberty Green, which will encompass the entire front right-hand corner of The Factory – the space where the Little Cottage and Lyrics Restaurant once occupied. It will also develop the patio space just outside The Little Cottage store.

“Although The Pharmacy has generated so much goodwill over the years, I simply needed an outlet to expand on those ideas, instead of trying to re-create them in a different environment. Even after the preliminary design submittal, the thought of something wholly unique, special, and married to the historic and current fabric of Franklin, was perpetually nagging at me,” Raley said in a release, according to Nashville Business Journal.

The idea behind Liberty Green will be to give restaurant goers games and multiple outlets to enjoy while dining and making use of the green space available at The Factory, calling it a “backyard bbq.”

Raley has opened The Pharmacy, Holland House, and Butchertown Hall in Nashville.

Other recent food news at The Factory – Funk Seoul Brother and MAFIAoZA’s opens and a new chef and management announced at Saffire.