Nolensville Faces Parking Demands in Downtown Area

A site plan for a retail development sparked a conversation at the regular Nolensville Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday about facing the future parking needs of the downtown area.

Developers hope to turn the property at 7311 Nolensville Rd. into a retail space, but by code the 3,000 sq. ft. of the house and barn on the property would need 15 parking spaces to meet Nolensville standards. The site plan presented to the commission had squeezed in 13, but with four of those being7311 Nolensville rd  in close proximity to a street corner, there were concerns about safety and liability.

After some discussion the commission approved the site plan with stipulations to add a sidewalk and an added exemption to allow 11 parking spaces, with the two at the back of the property being parallel parking spaces.

The commission also approved an annex to the Nolen Estates site along Clovercroft Rd., and an annex to the Burberry Glen site on Fly Rd.