Mill Creek Brewing Co. is Back

Mill Creek Brewing

Mill Creek Brewing Co. is back up and running, having ramped up brewing operations beginning on Friday, November 22nd.

Two weeks after announcing operations had shut down due to financial insolvency, the company’s full-time employees returned to work Friday, beginning to reboot the brewing operations with plans to resume shipments to their wholesale partners in the coming week. The taproom operations in Nolensville will follow in weeks to come and will be announced at a later date.

“Shortly after announcing the news a few weeks back, we were approached by a new a partner. A deal came together rather quickly with a quick infusion of capital. We’re thrilled to be back to work, pumping out Mill Creek beers and positioning ourselves to keep the taps flowing and the shelves stocked in the marketplace,” said Chris Going.

Going notes that according to their data, the two-week period of shut down did not result in any out-of-stocks in the marketplace.

“While we did see evidence of some empty retail shelves in the Marketplace, that was strictly due to consumer demand. Our wholesale partners had plenty of inventory to keep our beer in-stock for many weeks to come. We feel extremely blessed to have such strong wholesale partners like Ajax Turner, who never wavered in their commitment to stand by us through a difficult time,” said Going.

Moving forward, the company will continue on their path towards restructuring, which will right-side their financial position, and place the company on a stronger foundation.

“We are thrilled to have a new partner who sees the value in the Mill Creek brand, our presence in the marketplace, and wants to keep building. Personally, I’m extremely grateful that we could bring our staff back and we’ll be able to continue the work we started. Our team is like a family and I’m full of joy that this story has another chapter as we work together building a community of loyal beer drinkers with a Less Fuss, More Beer attitude for years to come,”  Going added.

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