Math MAYhem! $100 Math Screenings at Learning Lab (May Only)

by Learning Lab

math mayhem

Math MAYhem is on at Learning Lab! For the entire month of May, Learning Lab is offering a $100 math screening that will assess whether your child is behind in math, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and which skills they’re missing.

After the screening, a learning specialist will go over your child’s results with you and provide recommendations on how to best support your child. Schedule a math screening with Learning Lab today! Learn more.

Why Math Matters

According to a study conducted by Greg Duncan, an economist and University of California Irvine education professor, early math skills are a top predictor of future success.

If you ask, “‘What’s most predictive of how successful kids are?’,” says Duncan, “it turns out that math skills are more important than literacy skills or behaviors.”

Other studies have produced similar findings. For example, an understanding of fractions and whole-number division are critical skills for elementary school-aged children, according to one report evaluating U.S. and U.K. students. Success in these areas are a significant predictor of high school-level math achievement

Similarly, middle school math success is strongly correlated with high school graduation rates. Eighty-one percent of students who failed a math course in sixth grade fail to graduate from high school. (Another six percent graduated late.)

High school math success is correlated with career success. “Ninth-grade math achievement is a ‘critical filter for students’ career goals,” researchers report. Addressing math learning difficulties now could pay significant dividends for students later in life.

The good news is that getting students back on track in mathematics can start quickly and effectively with an affordably priced math screening at Learning Lab.

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