The Premier SuperCopa provides the highest level of tournament competition available in the United States for U9 – U12 Boys soccer teams and three local teams from The Tennessee Soccer Club were invited to play at his year’s tournament, held in Dallas, Texas June 5-7.

Group play began Fri Jun 5th.. At the conclusion of the group round games, the Supercopa offers a unique format that provides playoff opportunities for every team.  Teams were grouped into the Gold (SuperCopa), Silver, or Bronze bracket AND seeded within that bracket based on their points from the group round.

After the SuperCopa group rounds for brackets A thru F (first three games), the top 8 teams made up the SuperCopa bracket, the next 8 teams the Silver bracket and the final 8 teams the Bronze bracket. 


U9 Boys
TN SC 06 vs Virginia 3-1,
TN SC 06 vs Texas North 0-10
TN SC 06 vs New Mexico 2-4

With 1 win and 2 losses, the U9 Boys were placed in the Bronze Bracket and played IL in the Quarterfinal Round, final score 1-4.

U11 Boys
TN SC 04 vs Maryland 0-0
TN SC 04 vs Texas North 1-10
TN SC 04 vs Utah 3-0

With 1 win, 1 loss and 1 tie, the U11 Boys were placed in the Silver Bracket and played Pennsylvania East in the Quarterfinal Round, final score 1-5.

U12 Boys
TN 03 vs California South 1-0
TN 03 vs Massachusetts 0-2
TN 03 vs Chicago 1-0

With 1 win and 2 losses, the U12 Boys were placed in the Bronze bracket and played North Carolina in the Quarterfinal Round, winning 3-2.

In the Semi-final Round, they played Oregon, winning 3-2. They played Kansas in the Final Round and won!

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