Get a Great Night’s Sleep + Promote Healthy Skin & Hair With These Luxe Pillows

sleeping on a pillow

When people think about pillows, we mostly think of them for comfort as a means of getting to sleep quickly. There are a variety of pillows available with different comfort technologies. You can find pillows that help you stay cool and pillows that help with posture. But what about your pillow cases? We often put a lot of energy into what kind of pillows we have, but do you think about your pillow cases?

Most dermatologists suggest that you change your pillowcases a couple times a week and your sheets at least once a week. When we go to sleep our faces often carry the dirt of the day which transfers to our pillow cases. This can lead to breakouts, irritation, and inflammation. There are, however, pillows and cases that can improve the way we sleep and the health of our hair and skin.

The first thing to start with is to make sure you have the right pillow. You want something firm but isn’t too high. The pillow you choose is meant to keep your spine and neck in alignment. In the last several years, many companies have tried to make it easier for people. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that everyone’s needs are different, so the pillow that your friend, husband or mom swears by may not be right for you. It all depends on how you sleep. Those that sleep on their back need a thin pillow with a little more loft in the bottom of the pillow to cradle the neck. People who sleep on their stomach need a thinner, almost flat pillow, and those who sleep on their side need a firmer pillow to support the neck properly.

One of the best standard pillows is made by Discover Night called the Night Pillow. It has a hypoallergenic memory foam paired with a silk pillowcase that is specially designed to minimize bed head, hair breakage, and cleaner, hydrated skin.night pillow

If you already have the perfect pillow but need a different pillow case the Iluminage Copper Pillowcase is a silky pillowcase made from copper fibers. Copper has shown to have tons of benefits for most people from strengthening muscles, pain relief, and even improving the appearance of your skin.iluminage pillow

Another option is the Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Pillow, which is specifically designed with a unique shape and a satin cover to help your skin stay healthy. The makers say that when you sleep on a conventional pillow, you often sleep in positions that cause your face to squish, which is actually promoting wrinkles on your face. The Beauty Bear Pillow is designed to leave space so that your cheek has a space to rest normally.nurse jamie pillow

If you’re in the market for something better for your skin or hair, check out some of these options, and you just might have a better night’s sleep.

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