Google Gives Style Update

Its the first ever Google report on what styles are trending according to Google.

The style report will be issued twice a year, broken down by categories; seasons top trends, seasons top winners and losers and an extensive list of top trends.  How does Google come to their conclusions?  The report is based on six BILLION queries related to the apparel category and then Google looked at their monthly volume from January 2012 to February 2015.

“We then applied a Time Series Clustering* to group together queries based on time series of similar trends and/or seasonality. From the time series clusters, we curated the most significant queries in each cluster to illustrate a specific behavior,” states Google.

Here is what’s IN:  jogger pants, palazzo pants, tulle and midi skirts.

Out: one shoulder dresses, peplum dresses, vintage clothing, string bikinis

Seasonal Specific Trend

IN:white lace dresses, high waisted bikinis, rompers, shift dresses, white jumpsuits

OUT: skinny jeans, custom t-shirts, corset dresses

See the full report at Google.

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