Gabberdunes Hemp of Franklin Opens


Gabberdunes Hemp of Franklin recently opened at 400 Downs Boulevard in Franklin.

The new franchise store is owned by Rodney Croteau and is the first location for Williamson County. A ribbon cutting was held on September 6.

At Gabberdunes Hemp, you will find items specializing in hemp/CBD infused products for people and their pets. You will find a selection of hemp-infused soaps, rubs used for aches and pains, EarthDog hemp collars and leashes, just to name a few items.

“My goal is to educate our community on hemp-extracted products and how they work with our endo-cannabinoid systems. We plan to provide high-quality, affordable products, where people can make educated decisions to improve their health, as well as family, friends and of course, their pets,” Croteau writes on their website.

Owner and Entrepreneur Frank Best is the founder of Gabberdunes Hemp who set out to create the perfect retail experience for customers looking to buy quality Hemp Products.

Best spent six years at Medicine Man in Denver Colorado. He wanted to continue to provide the highest quality Hemp products for people and pets at the most affordable prices on the market. In 2016, the brand was created with the first retail space opening in Dover, Tennessee.

Hour of operations: Monday – Friday 10 a – 7 p, and Saturday, 9 a – 7 p. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates and offerings.