Johnson Elementary art teacher Cassie Stephens is taking her creative talents in a new direction as she appears on the Netflix bake-off reality show “Nailed It.”

“Nailed It” is an original series on Netflix where amateur bakers compete to see who can re-create the most Pinterest worthy dessert for a $10,000 prize.

Stephens, who admittedly doesn’t cook and rarely uses her kitchen, was sought out for the show’s third season, which begins May 17th. She filmed the episode almost a year ago and hasn’t been able to talk about it.

Netflix just released a preview of the show, keep watching at the end where Stephens says, “No, it’s not that bad.”

Watch our interview with Stephens where she shares how she prepared for the show, and what it was like filming the reality show. Follow Cassie on Instagram @cassie_stephenz to learn more about her art and to get “Nailed It” updates.



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