Brentwood Academy Athletic Center

After canceling a varsity basketball game on Friday, Brentwood Academy has suspended at least four of the players on the team because of an incident in the locker room.

The yet-unspecified behavior by the players led to the cancellation of the school’s game against Bartlett High School Friday. The behavior, however, did not warrant reporting anything to the Department of Children’s Services and was not a hazing incident, according to Susan Shafer, Director of Communications with BA.

The school released an official statement on the incident:

“Last week, a number of students failed to meet the high expectations we have for them at Brentwood Academy. As a result, the students involved have been disciplined. When the school became aware of an incident on last Thursday, we immediately addressed the issue with students involved and their parents. While Brentwood Academy has been transparent about its disciplinary procedures with the students and parents involved, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our students and families. We are not going to elaborate further on student discipline.”

The students are suspended from both the team and school. They will not play Saturday against Battle Ground Academy.

The situation bears surface similarities to accusations in an ongoing lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct, filed over the summer.

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