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If you suffer from foot pain, it’s no joke. We’ve found 5 reasons for aching feet and we’ve also found a few solutions. As  you read through the list,the cause of most foot pain issues is ill-fitting shoes or shoes that are worn too long. Fleet Feet in Brentwood can assist you with a proper shoe fitting, helping to eliminate foot pain.

1. Do you suffer from pain in your toe or other joints?  AGA refers to this as wear and tear arthritis. Osteoarthritis is caused by the wearing down of the protective cartilage that covers the ends of your bones.  Shoes that are too tight or shoes with an improper arch or support will cause this type of pain.

2. Hammer Toes is an abnormal bend in the toe. Often high heels that force your foot into a restricted toe box creates imbalances between the muscle groups that control the toes, which in turn deforms the small toe bones. To avoid this pain,wear shoes that have 1/2 inch space between your longest toe and the inside of the shoe.

3. Plantar Fasciitis is a stabbing pain when you put weight on your heel.Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation at the point where the ligament inserts at the heel bone. The cause of the heel pain can be a combination of several factors: obesity, flat feet or high-arched feet, overuse, or a tendency to roll your feet inwards when you walk.  By replacing your shoes every six months you can avoid Plantar Fasciitist.

4. Bunions are a bulging bump on the outside of the big toe or pinky toe joint that red and swollen. These can be caused by wearing too tight shoes, genetic predisposition or arthritis. Wear shoes with a wider toe box to avoid pain.

5. Osteoporosis occurs when existing bone starts to break down faster than the body can create new bone. The result is thin, brittle bones that break easily.Osteoporosis and its milder precursor osteopenia are usually treated with vitamin D, calcium supplements, and bisphosphonates like Boniva and Fosamax, which help build bone.

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