pollen on car

Springtime is official here and while it is much-anticipated by many, it can wreck havoc on your sinuses and your auto. That is right, springtime creates a perfect breeding ground for things like pollen. Pollen can ruin not only your sinuses but it can ruin your car’s appearance. The good news is there are ways that you can protect your car from spring. Here are 3 spring auto care tips to help keep you car look like new:

1. Wax, Wax, Wax

Wax is your cars favorite thing and it cannot get enough of it. Wax gives your car an “armor” that protects it from scratches and the effects that pollen can have on your paint job. Pollen can ruin your paint by eating away at it if left on your car without a wax. While anything is good in moderation, you can never give your car too much wax. A quality wax can be found with ease at your neighborhood auto care store.

2. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

Pollen is visible on your vehicle as a fine, yellow dust. When you walk out to your car in the morning and see it covered in pollen the best thing you can do is simply rinse it off. The wax job will not be effected by simply rinsing your car off with water. Constantly washing your car is not the answer as with each wash, the wax will need to be redone. Prevent having to wax your car so often by rinsing the pollen off when it becomes visible.

3. Cover, Cover, Cover

The easiest way to prevent pollen from getting on and in your vehicle is to keep it covered. This can be done rather easily if you own a garage. If you do not own a garage or have access to one, then you can use a car cover. This might take a little extra time each night and each morning but it can prolong your car’s wax and paint job. There are a large number of car covers that take just seconds to put on and take off. Many manufacturers make vehicle-specific car covers that at custom-fitted for your exact make and model.

Springtime and the pollen that it brings does not have to create havoc for your auto. With the easy tips above you can keep your vehicle looking like new all year long.

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