3 Reasons Why Wine Dispensers Are Popular Today

JJs Wine Bar Machines

People have been enjoying wine for thousands of years, and today in Tennessee that enjoyment for wine is still very much alive and well. Few drinks are as complex and rooted in place as wine. So, it’s no surprise that people continue to find new ways to enjoy it.

Enter… the wine dispenser bar! Here’s what we love about these places!

1. Great for Gatherings and Large Functions

Many adults love wine. But, it’s not for everybody. And even among wine lovers, preferences can vary significantly from person to person. That’s why a wine dispenser bar is a great option for large gatherings. Instead of deliberating over which bottles to purchase, each guest can use the dispensers to get their favorite wines or try a variety. Dispensers are also more convenient than individual glasses because they prevent long and complicated food-and-drink bills. Meetings, celebrations, birthday parties, and holiday parties are always elevated when they’re hosted at a trendy, highly rated wine bar!

2. Prevent Waste

Once a bottle of wine is opened, it only has so much time before it becomes undrinkable; for most wines, three days of refrigeration can preserve freshness, but anything older than three days should not be consumed. (And, yes, you’ll certainly have some wine aficionados tell you even three days is far too long!) Once a bottle is uncorked, it is exposed to air, and this exposure can significantly change a wine’s flavor over time. The “breathing” process as it’s called can be beneficial at first, but after enough time has passed the flavors that make a wine great disappear, and the wine may even turn sour. At a wine dispenser bar, however, special machines are used to preserve wines so their flavors are never compromised. Different bars use different machines, but they all work to achieve the same results!

3. Easy to Use

Wine dispensers are also quite simple to use – another reason why they’re so popular nowadays. (Especially if it’s not your first or second glass!) No complicated interfaces to navigate—just select your favorite wine, pour, and enjoy!

Where’s the Best Place to Get the Full Wine Bar Experience?

If you’ve been looking for a Tennessee wine bar that has a wide selection of wine dispensers, visit JJ’s Wine Bar. Located at 206 E Main Street on the corner of Main and 2nd Avenue, JJ’s is a popular spot for wine lovers and anybody else that enjoys a great time in a pleasant atmosphere. Come visit us for happy hour: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday!