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We could keep going. Forever, really. Pi Day, which was founded in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw, is held on March 14 because the date represents the first three digits of pi (π). (Interestingly enough, March 14 is also the date of Albert Einstein’s birth.)

These days, Pi Day is celebrated both inside and outside the scientific community. Here in the U.S., in particular, Pi Day is associated with – you guessed it – eating delicious pies. Shaw, himself, started the tradition when he held the first Pi Day celebration and participants enjoyed a collection of fruit pies.

You can’t truly celebrate the magic of 3.14 without enjoying a delicious pie, which is why our team here at Papa C Pies is proud to serve our delicious, homemade pies on March 14!
Find out why Papa C Pies is ideal for Pi Day…

Homemade Pies and Nationwide Pie Delivery
Store-bought pies are good for those who want to enjoy a piece of pie after dinner without undertaking the long process of making a pie from scratch. But on March 14, a day that celebrates the mouthwatering goodness of pies, you should be treating yourself with a delicious, Southern-style pie that’s made by a first-rate mom-and-pop bakery.

Personally, we love homemade, southern-style apple pie – in large part because apple pie has been a significant part of our family history. For us, making apple pie (and, yes, all pies!) is an art as much as it is a labor of love. It’s truly an honor for us to carry out our family’s apple pie-making tradition.

With our nationwide pie delivery service, it’s possible to enjoy our pies even if you don’t have the benefit of being able to visit our storefront. Although the pie business for us extends far beyond and before March 14, Pi Day is one we always enjoy celebrating with our customers here in Middle Tennessee and beyond!

Take Advantage of Our Great Pi Day Deal
We love Pi Day! To celebrate our love for 3.14, we are offering $3.14 off every order over $20 for the entire month of March. That’s right—the wonder of Pi Day can be enjoyed right up until we’re knocking at April’s doorstep. Make this year’s Pi Day special and choose to get your pies from our family here at Papa C Pies!

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