Spring Hill Cadet Making History

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Jonah Torp-Pedersen, of Spring Hill, is turning heads for his service in the Civil Air Patrol.

Civil Air Patrol members from across the nation gather each year in Kempton, Pennsylvania at Hawk Mountain Ranger School for 9 days of rigorous training unlike any other.

Hawk Mountain Ranger School has been conducting training for over 61 years and is the only ranger school offered to both adults and cadets in the nation. Members learn medical skills, survival skills, search and rescue techniques, disaster relief training, land & air navigation and more.

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Jonah Torp-Pedersen, of Spring HillCadet Lt. Col. Torp-Pedersen is among one of these members. Torp-Pedersen attended the Ranger School for the first time in 2014, testing out of basic & advanced training, moving into the team leadership course, one of the hardest courses Hawk Mountain has to offer. Since then, he has served in various staff positions.

This year, for the first time in the history of 61 years, Hawk Mountain Ranger School has selected a Cadet Commander outside of the Pennsylvania border. Cadet Lt. Col.Torp-Pedersen has been selected to lead the 9 day Ranger School.

“For the past 60 years, it has been tradition for a Pennsylvania Wing Cadet to receive this position. I was extremely honored to be selected this year as the School Commander and I can’t wait to work with my staff.” said Torp-Pedersen.

Along with the Ranger School, Torp-Pedersen will also be serving as the Cadet Commander for the Tennessee Wing Encampment. He will be leading around 100 cadets through a week-long training school at Middle Tennessee State University.



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