Williamson County School Board Approves Removing Mask Mandate


The Williamson County School board voted to remove the mask mandate during Monday night’s meeting.

This vote came after Superintendent Golden recommended the board defer this decision until after further guidance was received from the courts as an evidentiary hearing is scheduled for November 19.

However, Jay Galbreath brought a motion to remove the mask mandate with Dan Cash seconding the motion. The motion passed 7-4 in favor of removing the mask mandate.

An email was sent to parents stating on Tuesday, November 16, masks are no longer required for students, staff, volunteers and visitors. Those who wish to continue wearing a mask may do so.

You can watch Monday night’s school board meeting here.

Over the past weekend, WCS families received multiple messages regarding the mask mandate due to a large COVID-19 bill passed by Governor Lee Friday. On Friday, Gov Lee signed a bill prohibiting schools from requiring a person to wear a face-covering while on school property, unless specific conditions are met. However, on Sunday, U.S. Middle District Court Judge Waverly D. Crenshaw Jr. ordered Williamson, Knox and Shelby counties (which are all parties in a current lawsuit) to maintain their mask mandates. Therefore, WCS families were told the mask mandate was removed on Friday night, but then notified on Sunday that the mask mandate was still in place. Read more here.