Titans’ Lewan Enjoys ‘catfish skit’ for Stanley Cup Finals

taylor lewan catfish

Jets-NFLStoryHeaderOne of Taylor Lewan’s boyhood heroes came calling this week.

So naturally, when the opportunity to film a “catfish-based” skit with NBC analyst and former NHL star Jeremy Roenick came, Lewan was eager to participate.

The skit aired on NBC just ahead of the Nashville Predators’ Game 4 Monday night in the Stanley Cup Finals.

“NBC called me and they said they wanted to do a catfish skit with J.R. When I was a little kid and J.R was playing for the Coyotes, I used to go and watch him,” said the Tennessee Titans Pro Bowl left tackle, who is a regular at Preds games. “It was fun, kind of a full circle deal, getting to watch somebody growing up and getting to do a skit with them.”

In the skit, Lewan helps Roenick fetch a catfish from the lake that surrounds Saint Thomas Sports Park to take to Bridgestone Arena. Lewan said he enjoyed the light-hearted moment with the former hockey star.

“He was a lot of fun. He definitely gets it. We had a blast doing the whole thing. We didn’t take it too seriously, we just had a good time,” Lewan said.

Several takes of each scene were shot, but Lewan said the first take on most of them ended up being used.

“We did three or four for everything one, but most of it, we used the first take. So it was pretty spot on and it was pretty easy. There wasn’t too much depth to anything. I think the simplicity of it was what was funny about it,” he said. “The hardest part of that whole thing was setting it up.”

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