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The Westhaven Golf Club hosted two golf tournaments recently: the 2017 Member-Member Tournament and the 8th Annual Jewell Cup. Heare are the results.

2017 Member-Member Tournament
June 3-4, 2017

First Flight
1st place – Matt Traverse and Steve Lupear 21.5 points ($175 per player)

2nd Place – Steve Duperrieu and Chad Schmidt 20.5 points

3rd Place – Keith Arendsee and Jon Pirtle 18 points

4th Place – Mike Rose and Blake Fulton 14 points

Second Flight
1st place – Danny Ewoldsen and Zach Romine 22 points (*$300 per player)

*Member-Member Champions

2nd place – Ray Archer and Jeff Morris 20 points

3rd place – Max Schmitz and Michael Oakes 18 points

4th place – Matt Wilcox and Jack Wilcox 14 points

Third Flight
1st place – Kevin Arthur and Kelley Kee 20.5 points (*$265 per player)

*Member-Member Runner-Ups

T-2nd place – Scott Crook and Jeff Hodrick 19.5 points

T-2nd place – Tom Cantabene and Damian Wyatt 19.5 points

4th place – John and James Jewell14.5 points

Fourth Flight
1st place – Chris Barker and Cam Goodwin 28 points ($215 per player)

2nd place – Brandon Sullivan and Brian Grindstaff 18 points

3rd place – Ron Maxim and Jim Perkins 16.5 points

4th place – Mark Lane and Wayne Vann 11.5 points

Fifth Flight
1st place – Larry Denbrock and Chuck Hoving 20.5 points ($175 per player)

2nd place – Brian Cunningham and Terry Rust 20 points

3rd place – Troy Nunn and John Yezerski 19.5 points

4th place – Andrew Braley and John Braley 14 points

Sixth Flight
1st place – Yves Munger and Rob Frutiger 21.5 points ($175 per player)

2nd place Dan Taylor and Brandon Dial 21 points

3rd place – Charles Staton and Anthony Salvatore 16 points

4th place – Bo Bankston and Brian Dell 15.5 points

Seventh Flight
1st place – Brett Ruzzo and Todd Joseph 23.5 points ($175 per player)

2nd place – Bill Collins and Howard Hagan 20.5 points

3rd place – David Libardi and David McAfee 17 points

4th place – Ken Franqui and Nate Howerton 13 points

Eighth Flight
1st place – Rick Kloete and Trey Stewart 22.5 points ($240 per player)

2nd place – Dan Mills and Jim Boscamp 19 points

3rd place – Dick Thomas and Mike Mackie 16.5 points

4th place – Chas Morton and Joe Chance 16 points

Ninth Flight
1st place – Charles and Lyn Cramer 23 points ($230 per player)

2nd place – Reggie Dilliard and Richard Huxtable 21 points

3rd place – Brian Delauter and Randy Smith 20.5 points

4th place – Hamid Arab and John Hagewood 9.5 points

8th Annual Jewell Cup
Ladies Member-Guest


Jane Austen Flight

1st Place Christina Lannom & Stacey Tamasi 59 *Jewell Cup Champions

2nd Place Susan Transeth & Stephanie Castaldi 60

Virginia Woolf Flight

1st Place Vernie Braley & Cathy Reed 60

2nd Place Betsy Adgent & Carol Hornstra 64

Best Cart Decoration: Tarvis Jacobs & Deon Brown

Best Costume: Gail Mackie & Jan Akers

Hole Contests:

#7 – Christina Lannom (Closest to the Hole, Member)
#15 – Stephanie Castaldi (Closest to the Hole, Guest)
#18 – Karen Packer (Closest to the Line, Member)
#18 – Linda Blossom (Closest to the Line, Guest)

Putting Contest:

1st: Jo High & Marty Broderick

2nd: Christina Lannom & Stacey Tamasi