Rally Planned in Downtown Franklin Thursday Night

downtown Franklin
credit-City of Franklin

An event will take place tonight in downtown Franklin at 5pm to raise awareness of racial injustice. The event’s goal is “to stand, peacefully, in solidarity with people of color, to change the future to prevent needless hate, bias, and violence against those whom have been harmed throughout the history of our country,” states the event description.

Participants are asked to be mindful while attending the event. The organizer posted the following guidelines:

1. Please stay out of the streets. We want people to be safe and thoughtful that this is a high traffic area. We should stick to the outer perimeter of the square, and not cross into the street.
2. Stay off the center park, statues, and cannons. These are a part of Franklin history and a draw that many residents and visitors enjoy.
3. Please be respectful of the traffic officers who will be on site. They are there to ensure safety and not to impede in our right to demonstrate.

The Franklin Police Department is aware of the event and posted the following on Twitter.