Temperatures have dropped and sometimes we forget about how the cold can affect our pets.  The rule of thumb is usually if you’re cold, your pet is cold, too.

Love at First Sight’s Ashley Sivils says if you have to keep your dog outside, there are a couple of things that you can do.

  1. Build a Shelter:  Whether it’s a tarp or plywood, make sure that your sweet furry friend doesn’t have any moisture exposed to them.  Temperatures drop and moisture prohibits build up of ice and could hurt your pet.
  2. Straw:  If your animal is going to be outside, be sure and put some straw in their safe shelter.  Straw is much different than hay and is a super-insulator.
  3. Food and Water:  This may sound like a given, but many people overlook it.  Make sure and keep your dogs water unfrozen as possible.  Sivils notes that there is a point that dogs won’t eat, but if you can’t keep their water from completely freezing, keep their food full.  Mixing chicken broth and fat are good ways for your animal to pack on the extra build-up it needs in the cold winter months.
  4. Bring them in: You may think that you need to leave your pet outside because they are dirty or will be up all night.  Sheets may be washed and floors may be swept, but pets will not be here forever.  Whether it’s your garage, basement, or bathroom, in these beyond freezing temperatures, your pet will thank you.

Those are just a few life-saving tips that you can do to keep your pet healthy.

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