Meet the Seniors Who will Showcase Their Designs at O’More Fashion Show

O'More College of Design

O’More College of Design’s  annual fashion show will take place on Friday, May 12, at 6 p on the O’More Franklin campus. Work from students and alumni, in conjunction with designs from faculty member Kevin Crouch, will be on display – all connected by “The Power of Design to Transform.”

We were able to learn more about the seven Seniors who will be showcasing their designs at the O’More Fashion Show. We asked them about how they described themselves, the inspiration for their designs, and what’s next as a graduate from O’More College of Design.



Collection: Vienna

What was the inspiration for your collection? The big choices in my future. I have always felt a conflicting desire to live off the grid or be immersed in the fashion industry. My work explores this conflict.

Why a designer? When I was younger, clothing and style gave me confidence that I never had in my appearance. I became a designer to help other women gain that confidence through clothing. Along the way, I found purpose in improving the fashion industry to help make it more ethical and sustainable.

Your design philosophy? Clothing should be easy to wear and live in, but still feel put-together and fashion forward. And minimalist and fun at the same time. I want to give the world a new, fresh perception of what minimalism means.

The future? Developing my own brand and helping build the fashion industry in Nashville. Also, plan to work to improve manufacturing in the US and overseas. And I want to visit all of the U.S. National Parks.




Collection: Balance

What was the inspiration for your collection? A combination of urban versus organic, with touches of vintage details and transparent elements.

Why a designer? I want to make women feel beautiful and confident no matter what stage of life they are in.

Your design philosophy? My desire is for every woman to have joy and self-worth.

The future? Working for a smaller company as a designer so I can learn as much as possible, from marketing to product development and textile design.




Collection: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

What was the inspiration for your collection? The dreams that feel like reality and the colors reflected from pearls.

Why a designer? I’ve wanted to be a designer for as long as I can remember. I’ve always wanted to create beautiful and magical things that transport viewers and wearers alike to the world where anything is possible.

Your design philosophy? Individuality should be embraced and shared, and I want to create pieces that are fun and unique for the creative soul that longs to express itself.

The future? The theater has always been a home for me, and I intend to establish myself working in the costume field for stage productions.



Collection: Castle on a Cloud

What was the inspiration for your collection? Fantasy with a focus on the modern-day princess

Why a designer? I want to change the standard of beauty for women by encouraging self-love and acceptance for full-figured women.

Your design philosophy? I want my clothing to be an outward representation of someone’s inner beauty.

The future? A master’s in Fashion Design and working for Torrid in California. Someday my own retail store that sells my designs.



Collection: Conqueror

What was the inspiration for your collection? A dark rugged cliff with the white foamy ocean water crashing over it. Lots of texture, chiffon, and leather throughout the collection.

Why a designer? To inspire the world to think different, be different and embrace the difference.

Your design philosophy? Clothes are designed to bring out a woman’s inner beauty and confidence.

The future? Running my own business and helping make a difference in the world.




Collection: Macbeth

What was the inspiration for your collection? Inspired by the power of women, and the women in power.

Why a designer? I love translating the emotions felt while experiencing the performing arts, through the garments worn by the performers.

Your design philosophy? My design philosophy is to create progressive and technically impressive costume pieces that work to enhance the performance and its visual and emotional impact.

The future? I see myself working within an opera house or a costume shop on Broadway, helping not only with the creation of the garments, but also the design as the Lead Costumer.




Collection: Pearl Rosena

What was the inspiration for your collection? Vintage florals, old tapestry, tonal color.
Greatest accomplishment? Learning shoemaking while interning in NYC.
Your design philosophy? Try Stuff. Talk to People. Get Curious. Keep believing in YOU and stay positive & confident in your work even if you feel like you’ve failed.
The future? In NYC working. Eventually opening up my own boutique.

Tickets to the O’More Fashion Show are available online. Revenue from the O’More Fashion Show supports future fashion talent by providing scholarships so that students can attend O’More regardless of their ability to pay. To learn more about 2017 Fashion Show sponsorship opportunities, please contact Emily Kynerd at (615)794-4254 ext. 200 or [email protected]